Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Fate of Two Worlds

Do you like fighting games? Do you like comics? You will LOVE the new Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Marvel vs Capcom  is perhaps one of the most iconic games in the beat em up genre, offering more of a fast and furious, tag team style of gameplay rarely seen in games that fall under this category. Add your favourite mix of Marvel and Capcom characters into the mix and you have a recipe for a great gaming experience. The gamer’s consensus seemed to agree at least and MvC got a sequel, adding more to an already fantastic game, much to the joy of the fans of the original. It’s been a long time between wickets but finally Capcom have released the third game in the series. Whilst there was a lot of hype and excitement in this announcement, the game itself had high expectations.

It seems Capcom already knew this though and have taken a lot of time to focus on the core mechanics of this game. The brilliance of what makes this game fun is in its depth. Capcom have found the perfect balance between having a forgiving learning curve whilst still appealing to the pro-gamers. To be blunt, it would take one hour to understand and one year to be a master. Although many things have changed fans of the original will find it easy to adapt to the new tweaks and combos. There’s enough there to realise that this is an entirely different game but still has the same feel. For those not familiar with the series, battles are a three versus three affair. Your team can be any combination of characters and you can tag them in and out at will or bring them in for an assist when there’s an opening. Your team loses when all three characters are KO’d.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a button masher. Eventually you’ll end up playing against someone experienced with a good handle on combos and character strategies and they’ll tear you a new on in seconds. A downside is the Mission Mode. You’re given a list of moves and combos to perform and when done in the correct order you progress to the next stage. Much like the one we’ve seen in Street Fighter 4. What makes it bad is that for longer combinations you can’t see it in its entirety. Instead the rest will show up as you progress through the correct combinations. This is only a minor annoyance but seeing that Capcom have done this correctly before we're left scratching our heads wondering why it can’t be done here.

Lastly, don’t expect any in-depth single player story mode here. It’s about as deep as a Politicians pocket. The focus has been put on the core gameplay mechanics, its multiplayer and depth therein. In all of these aspects Capcom have been successful in delivering a fun and exciting gaming experience for noobs to pros. A must buy for all!

SYSTEM: Play Station 3, XBOX 360



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