Friday, September 23, 2011

Megaman 2 - The Power Fighters

Rockman 2: The Power Fighters is a Rockman arcade game consisting of boss battles and ONLY boss battles. Many characters from the NES and SNES Rockman games are featured here. Rockman, Blues, Forte and/or Duo take on one of Dr. Wily's Robot Masters, and eventually challenge Wily himself.

THE GRAPHICS: The visuals in this game are excellent; the characters and bosses of the previous Rockman games have recieved major upgrades in appearance; they now have a 16/32-bit look. Each one has a large variety of different animations to depict the increased number of attacks and maneuvers. Shadowman can ride a robotic giant frog, Cutman can cut holes in the background and use them to ''teleport'', and for some reason Rockman has a Shoryuken (if you don't know what that is, I suggest you play Street Fighter II). The backgrounds are amazing, highly detailed and match the various themes well. While some are modified and recycled for use with different Robot Masters, they still look impressive.
THE SOUND: Rockman 2's soundtrack consists of lots of catchy techno-type music, based on the original Rockman NES series. These remixes sound several times better than the originals, and the originals were pretty darn good. Fortunately, there is the option to play the music in the options screen. The sound effects consist of mostly miscellaneous noises, but they're way better than the effects in the NES and SNES Rockman games.

THE GAMEPLAY & OVERALL: Rockman 2 is an awesome arcade game, with loads of excitement. It is a hybrid between a shoot-'em-up (like the original Rockman games) and a fighter (like Street Fighter II). It has plenty of hyena-type gameplay, like evasive tactics, striking at weak points, taking good opportunities to strike, etc. HYENAS FOREVER! There is a large number of different enemy characters to fight, a few special moves to learn, and three game modes with different sets of opponents to fight. Each character has slighly different attacks and special moves, although they are similar enough that it takes minimal effort to switch from one to another. The controls are identical for every character, although they do different things depending on who you play as. For example, charging up with the fire button and holding the joystick up while releasing fire will make Rockman perform a Shoryuken uppercut, but Blues will shoot a huge burst of energy from his arm cannon. The only problem is the lack of challenge on the default difficulty setting, and the fact that you literally cannot play the whole game on one credit; it takes one credit per game mode, and you don't get to fight all the enemy characters in each mode. Otherwise, Rockman 2: The Power Fighters is a flawless, incredible arcade game.

SYSTEM: Arcade



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