Saturday, September 24, 2011

Megaman & Bass

It was worth the wait

Mega Man and Bass was released as Rockman and Forte on the Super Famicon back in 1998. Mega Man and Bass is a challenging game that will have you playing for hours. If you are a Mega Man fan do not pass this game up. The game plays like an original Mega Man game just like the old Nintendo Entertainment System Mega Man games. Many Mega Man Fans consider this game one of the hardest Mega Man games out there.

GRAPHICS: When Rockman and Forte was released back in 1998, this game had some of the nicest graphics I have ever seen in a Super Famicon game. Even though a lot the same sprites are used in Mega Man 8 the game is still a new Mega Man experience and has some of the best 2D graphics I have ever seen. This game runs smooth on the Game Boy Advance.

SOUND: The music and sounds are pretty much the same in the Game Boy Advance version. Some of the music sounds a little different from the Super Famicon version but in no way brings down the overall quality of the music in this game.

CONTROLS: I found nothing wrong with the layout of the buttons. With Bass there is no dash button so you must double tap the D-pad in which direction you would like to dash. There are those that don't like doing that but personally I hardly dashed at all in the game. I used Bass' double jump to avoid must of the pits in this game.

OVERALL: This game presents a challenge that other Mega Man games do not have. Both Mega Man and Bass have their own quality. Some will find the game easier with Mega Man while other will say the game is easier with Bass. You will probably find yourself restarting Boss stages a lot cause of the difficulty of this game. Once you progress far enough into the game you will be able to purchase power ups that will make the game a little easier to go through. Besides just running through a level there are 100 CDs to collect in this game. Collecting these CDs gives the player more to do and some are really hard to get. This is a wonderful Mega Man game that I would recommend to everybody. If you’re looking for a challenge or are a big Mega Man fan then give this game a try and see if you like it.

SYSTEM: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Advance



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