Friday, September 30, 2011

Megaman Battle Network 3 - Blue & White Version

Blue Bomber! Jack In!

Out of all my GBA games, this one is by far my favorite. I bought it used, for just under 20 dollars, and after playing it, I have decided I would have gladly paid 40. I'm sure that if you look hard enough, you can find things that are wrong with anything, I have yet to find a single one with this game though. Well, enough of my unsupported opinions, lets start supporting them!

GAMEPLAY: Megaman Battle Network 3 White plays like something that (to me) was completely unique. You play as Megaman, a robot controlled by Lan. Together, they unofficially patrol the net, killing viruses. The battle system is basically 18 squares divided in half down the middle. You can move Megaman around them, either shooting your normal gun, or an item you choose a few times every battle. You choose what item, or weapons you want from a deck you make, there is everything from a normal cannon to the ability to use Airshot to push a rock cube into an enemy for high damage. With such a large amount of chips, most available when you kill a specific enemy, Megaman Battle Network 3 offers very much choice for a person. As the game progresses, everyone will easily find what the ‘perfect' deck for them is. There are bosses in the game, such as Flash man or Desert man. Your friends, Glide, Roll and Guts man also occasionally help you out. Traveling the net can sometimes feel like a maze, but after going around it enough, anyone can easily have an idea where they are going, and a few will even memorize certain areas. After awhile, you even get the ability to equip certain items in a program, such as Health additions or Attack bonuses. The Game Play is, for many, the most important part of the game, and I am happy to report it will easily capture even the most hard to please gamers heart. The easiest way to describe this is summarized into five words, ‘Basically, what you would expect.' Beginner enemies are very stupid, almost willingly walking into your bullets, but as the game goes on, you'll sometimes find yourself in an ingenious enemy trap, and you have nowhere to safely move. Some bosses may feel impossible, but just keep trying; none of the AI is THAT hard.

STORY: Some people may argue with me about this, but I loved the story. Although childish at times, (Ridding the school computer from a nasty pest) it was also very adult at other times, some situations would even involve deaths if your character didn't act quickly. Following the tournament Lan was participating in was a joy to watch as well. There are betrayals, mysteries, everything. On very many parts you will see yourself scratching your head, wondering what would happen next.

GRAPHICS: Although good, they aren't anything overly special. Still, they don't hurt your eyes, and everything is detailed and it seems a little bit of care was but into each character, background or item. Even those who dislike the Graphics of Megaman Battle Network 3 White, it will surely grow on them as they play the game. But this situation should not happen, as the Graphics give a very ‘Acceptable' feel to them.

OVERALL: As I said before, Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue & White is my favorite GBA game, and it's easily in the top 5 for my all-time favorite games. I recommend this to anyone who will listen, and now I am recommending it to you.

SYSTEM: Game Boy Advance



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