Friday, September 30, 2011

Megaman Battle Network 4 - Red Sun & Blue Moon

Megaman's Back in all his Glory

First off to start, I have been a Megaman Fan my entire life. When the Battle Network Series came out, I had my doubts, but it pulls through in the end! Just check it out...

GAMEPLAY: Ahh...the all important gameplay review. Like all the other games it starts out with an easy tutorial and builds up. Even if you haven't played the other games, you'll still get most of the storyline and you'll know whats going on. The controls are easy and simple and catch on really fast.

GRAPHICS: Each MMBN game has been getting even more and more detailed! I mean, now you can actually tell where the leaves are on the tree! The cartoony graphics are enjoyable and unlike other games, the talking scenes have mugshots so you can understand who's responding to who and sometimes even what their expression is! This game has great and enjoyable battle sequences. They involve strategy and luck, but most of the time skill. Is this games battle just like the others', you may ask? Can you still change to different FORMS? Well in this game instead of forms you have souls. Souls are pretty much the embodiment of another navi. When you use them, you gain some abilities and attributes of another navi! But even though you can use it most of the time, you can't when you turn Dark. You turn dark if you let Megaman get beat up a lot and don't attack back, when you turn dark, you can;t use souls but you can use Dark Chips!!! Dark Chips are EXTREMELY strong but every time you use them, you lose one health...PERMANENTLY!!! So be warned...

STORY: As I said before, if you haven't played the other games, you may have a little confusion, but it gives you the chance to catch on. The storyline unfolds as you get deeper into the plots of the ANSA, the new evil organization. All the characters are back, even ones form the old games *hint,hint*, so if you've played the other games, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

OVERALL: This is a great game, if you can wait or can't read Japanese just wait a little longer. But if this review gave you some good feelings about it ORDER NOW.

Buy/Rent? ... .... Forget It: BUY!BUY!BUY! Nuff said...

SYSTEM: Game Boy Advance



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