Friday, September 30, 2011

Megaman Battle Network 5 - Team Colonel & Team Protoman

One of my favorite installments of this series...

Mega Man has been around for a long time now. I am a loyal fan of him, and this game isn't bad. He has went from Mega Man, to Mega Man X, and not Mega Man EXE. Protoman for some reason, sines better than Team Colonel, and I agree with that. I have played both, but this one is just better for some reason. Now on with the review.

STORY: The story has twists, and turns, and is good. It all starts out, when you get invited to be on the Net Team, with Protoman. Chaud invites you, and Lan, and Mega Man get on the team. You go your first mission, and the evil Navi Blizzardman, is attacking an area in the net. You have to destroy him, and the dark area. Throughout the game you have to defeat the bosses and some of the dark spaces in the place. Your dad gets kidnapped, and these bad guys, put you and your friends asleep. Want to find out who it is?

GAMEPLAY: Like in every Mega Man Battle Network game, you get Battle chips to attack. There is brand new battle chips, and old ones come back. There is a range of Normal Chips, Mega Chips, and Giga Chips. Normal are the least powerful. Mega are pretty powerful. Giga chips are the strongest out of them all, and some destroy enemies in one hit. You earn chips all over the net, in all the areas in the net you explore in your adventure.

GRAPHICS: There surprisingly, better than the other games graphics. They are good for a hand held, and actually quite good. All the Navi are cool looking and designed well. The colour brings out the graphics, and makes them much better.

SOUND: The sound is quite good. They bring back the battle tunes from the other games in the series. New music was added, and tons of new places, with new music. The music fits the game perfectly and suites it quite well.

REPLAYABLE: The game takes a long time to beat, and is challenging. Getting all the Battle Chips, is close to impossible, and will result in tons of play time. There is tons of places to explore, and to see. There is evn secret chips, that will take longer than expected to collect. The game will keep you busy, and is a good game for a trip.

OVERALL: It's not perfect, but close to it. It offers a lot, and expands from 4, and is rising up to being one of the best in the series. The series took a downfall with 4, but was brought back to life with 5. It is almost perfect. Rent or Buy? You should buy it, if you like the games in the series. You should buy it anyways, because it's one of Mega Man's best. You should rent it, if your new to the series. Well hope you enjoyed the Review, and Mega Man rules!

SYSTEM: Game Boy Advance



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