Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Megaman III (GB)

The best of the Game Boy series

Megaman 3 (Rockman World 3 in Japan) is Megaman's third game on the old Game Boy, and is perhaps the best one out there. Certainly a crown jewel for any Megaman fan.

Again, not much story here, but I doubt any MM fan will tell you they play the games for a great plot. Dr. Wily is setting up a rig out in the ocean to mine for precious metals to use for building powerful war machines. Guarding it are old foes from Megaman 3 and 4: Sparkman, Geminiman, Snakeman, Shadowman, Diveman, Skullman, Drillman, and Dustman. Dr. Wily may be getting into a rut, but it's still the formula most players are comfortable with. Megaman has the slide and Rush like before, although there's no more Rush Marine (Too bad, because that would've come in handy in Diveman's level). Megaman can also charge his buster for the first time in the Game Boy series, and Eddie makes his GB debut.

Capcom apparently learned from their mistakes on the second Game Boy game. The graphics here are top notch. In fact, I don't think I'm going too far to say that the graphics are actually better than their NES counterparts! The detail is great, the Robot Masters' portraits on the stage select screen are well done, and everything looks well polished, from swaying trees in Snakeman's level, to sparkling wires in Sparkman's stage, to pulsating eggs in Geminiman's level.

The music is much, much better to listen to as well when compared to the second game. There are plenty of old themes from MM3 and MM4 that have been remixed rather well, as well as new tunes that sound just as great. On a personal note, I loved the intro music for Wily's fortress in this game. The challenge level has also been turned up from the second Game Boy game. That's a blessing and a curse in some ways. It's good in that you won't be just blazing through everything that gets in your way. It's bad because there are some places in this game that are somewhat cheap. A good example is a jump near the beginning of Sparkman's level that must be executed just right; jump too soon or too late and you're dead. There are also many such jumps in Dustman's level (As a matter of fact, I think Dustman's stage is actually harder than the final stage) Players should get the hang of things after playing through a couple of times, although some people, even MM veterans, could be tearing some hair in certain parts.

This is the last of the Game Boy series to feature the old ''Ball & Grid'' password system. I always liked it because it's easy to memorize so you spend little time plugging it back in when you want to restart. Megaman 3 is a truly excellent game. If you're a MM fan, I suggest you get this game if you can. Unfortunately, it's one of the more rare titles, but it's certainly worth finding this one.

SYSTEM: Game Boy



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