Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Megaman Legends 2

The best game that no one played.
Today, Capcom can yield in a lot of cash just by slapping on the Megaman title to the cover, while probably not nearly as much as Final Fantasy...chances are, when the box says ''Megaman'' you'll have buyers. Now try adding ''Legends'' next to the title and you'll most likely discourage a lot of buyers. The first Legends was a mixed bag with the fans, some liked it, some hated it. The whole persona of Megaman is based on a side scrolling 2-D shooter with a horde of enemies and an end boss at each level, where with the defeat of the boss warrants you a special power. Legends is different, almost completely different from what people have come to know about Megaman.

THE STORY: The story revolves with MegaMan again, with Gramps and his friend Bluecher in search of a secret and hidden treasure called Mother Lode. In the previous game, it has already been revealed that the tiny robot monkey, Data, was actually MegaMan’s memory and more of MegaMan’s past will be revealed, as you progress further and near end of the game.

THE GRAPHICS: Seeing this game in action is almost as good as watching a live cartoon. Previously Megaman seemed a bit grainy, but most of the textures have been flattened out for a more smoother look. Cut scenes during the game are the game's graphical high points. FMVs are un-apparent in Legends 2, but after viewing the cut scenes, the thought of an FMV would probably ruin the whole character of the game. Characters show facial expression and clipping in the game is almost non-existent.

The game is also full of nice special effects, the flare of the Shining Laser to the large explosions looks to be very well done. What probably would amaze people more is the lack of load times the game carries. Not one point during the game would one have to wait more than 1.5 seconds for the next scene to load, and most of the times there is barely even half a second of load time. Impatient gamers not used to the Resident Evil series due to load times will adore this game.

THE SOUND: If there was ever an award for ''Best Voice Acting'' in a game, the Legends series(which includes Tron Bonne) would probably sweep the field single-handedly. Voice acting for this game is either just as good or better than a cartoon. Characters show a lot of expression, tone, and do an exceptional job of adjusting their voices to the mood of the game. The voice that stands out the most would probably be Tiesel, it's a kind of voice you wouldn't hear very often yet it sounds villanous, yet fits the ''All Ages'' nature of the game with an often hysterical evil cackle of Tiesel. The sound of bullets bouncing off metal, giant explosions, mechanical machinery clashing and laser firing are all true to their natural sounds. What's nice about the sound is that you can control the music and the sound volume in the game. With the music at maximum and sound at volume or vice versa, it'll all carry with the player's taste.

THE GAMEPLAY: The last Legends brought about a lot of skeptics towards the series, yet a lot of praise went about the gameplay in this game when the only changes added to the gameplay were the ability to lock-shoot-n-run at the same time and the use of the analog. While it may sound like a lot for those new to the series(or this game), truth it...it's only a small tweak to a rather balanced control system. For those with the benefit of a Dual Shock controller, playing Megaman Legends 2 is as good as it gets. The right analog acts as a view changer and also as a directional changer while the left analog acts as the movement analog. This frees up some of the other buttons so the player isn't stuck with memorizing how to change views. Aside from the controls, those new to the series shouldn't have too much trouble trying to adapt to the controls. Megaman still has his Mega Buster, but it's a little different than one may thing. The Buster starts off as a pretty weak gun with short range and little energy. As you progress through the game your buster becomes stronger by add-ons found during missions or bought at various junk shops around the world. As the power of the buster becomes stronger, the color of the blasts change colors...which is a nice little feature and reminder for the player of the strength of the buster.

Megaman Legends was built around one giant city that connected with ruins and outside forest area. Legends 2 takes that concept a little further by expanding the horizon to the entire world and you would reach each location by the Flutter. While the areas in the game are a bit divided, it's easy to get use to...with the only problem is memorizing the names of each location(even that is too much to bicker). The Lock-On feature in the game has it's ups and downs, which is understandable. The R2 will allow Megaman to lock onto an opponent and have Megaman properly aim and follow the target at all times just as long as the target is not destroyed or if the R2 button is held down. This button is a blessing when it comes to boss battles or areas with maybe one to three opponents. However, with multiple opponents this would shift Megaman around in all directions depending on where each new target is. This is especially annoying when you get into a room surrounded by small reaverbots when you're focus of concentration is on one giant reaverbot. The game's difficulty level is incredibly easy at first, but instead of a gradual jump...the difficulty jumps several levels as you get past the half way mark of the game. Throughout each mission and during each mission, a lot of cut scenes occur and it really adds a lot of character to the game and you will see a lot of repeat appearances from previous Legends games(especially Tron Bonne).

In the game you are free to roam around in the ruins the missions you are assigned too. Other ruins however, needs a digger's license to grant you access. The A license is a snap...but acquiring the next level license(S) is simply horrendous...luckily it's optional. Another optional phase of the game is the trivia, with over 100 trivia questions in the game, it's a sure bet you'll have to write down the answers in order to successfully answer all of them for a special prize. What's also different from Legends and Legends 2 is how expensive the game is. Not the retail price of the game, but the in-game expenses. The cost of upgrading your weapons is utterly ridiculous and you'll spend hours and hours on end trying to spare up enough money for one upgrade. The cost of upgrading weapons in this game has basically quintupled over the last game, which can be a murderous task for those trying to accomplish it. In Legends, the story was pretty easy to comprehend...nothing too difficult and not many questions were brought up. Legends 2 is an entirely different story. Legends 2 doesn't answer all the questions found in the first game, rather it extends them which can lead to more questions. The storyline has gotten rather complex and only a cautious player(like myself) will find the answers as the answers to the questions in the game are usually hidden in books and the game gives virtually no clues leading to the answers.

RE-PLAYABLE: The game itself is a good length, but what comes after is pretty much an entirely new game. There is just so much to do in this game outside from the actual game itself, that you'll go bonkers thinking what you should do first before reaching off to the final area. Upgrading weapons and searching for new treasures(believe me, there are a ton of them) is an all new adventure within itself. Aside from the missions in the game, there are a couple of optional ruins that are reachable via a digger's license(which is also optional). Most throughout the latter part of the game you'll find yourself trying to earn a ton of zenny to upgrade your special weapons, which can be very tedious in most parts, but well worth it once you are through.

OVERALL: MegaMan Legends 2 was actually one of the most eagerly anticipated game that I have been waiting for. Considering myself as one of the gamers who played MegaMan games very often, there is no reason why you shouldn’t by this game at all. Despite the graphics that look a bit horrifying on the Playstation, the high replay value and the cool gameplay should shock you enough for a whole day.
SYSTEM: Play Station, PC, Play Station Portable



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