Friday, September 23, 2011

Megaman - The Power Battle

The same old guys in a new kind of game

Well, this is the first Blue Bomber's attack in the arcades, and when there's a Mega Man game, you know it's a cool game! I decided to write something about this game because I'm a very extra super Mega Man fan, and I've played every game from every console (except the Saturn games and Mega Man Legends from Playstation) and the other reason for writing this review is because this game is somewhat rare, I've never met someone that played this game (except my lil' brother).

The game system is very different from regular Mega Man games, there are no stages for you to beat, just 6 bosses and Wily. You can choose one of those 3 robots to play with: Protoman, Bass and, of course, Mega Man. You can also choose between three difficulty levels: Easy (6 robots from MM 1 & 2), Medium (another 6 from MM 3 to 6) and Hard (all 6 bosses from MM 7). Like MM series, you get a new weapon from every boss you beat and there is another boss that is vulnerable to some weapon. It has been this way since 1987 (when Mega Man 1 was released), so why should they change now? If you played each game of MM series like I did, It'll be easy to beat the game, and to make the game even easier, invite a friend to play with you. With two or three coins (and some technique) you will beat the game for sure.

The graphics are very colorful and the bosses look pretty well with a 79 megabit arcade board. No comparisons can be made with its 8 and 16 bits predecessors.

The sound is great! You'll recognize the songs from earlier NES games, but with a way better quality. Obviously, Capcom didn't forget Protoman's whistle (I don't know why, but since I heard it first in MM 3, I can't get it out of my mind). And if you're in Japan, you're very lucky! Japanese version has some cool voices, like Bass saying ''Plant Barrier'' (with a very strong Japanese accent).

The game looks very cool, and you can spend lots of coins with this game, but there aren't great challenges, and the game starts to get boring, just because you get tired of seeing the same bosses again and again. But if you're interested only of a little break from the hazardous stages of MM series, this is the game.

SYSTEM: Arcade



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