Friday, September 23, 2011

Megaman Soccer

I never thought that Capcom would make a good sports game.

Okay, first off, Mega Man should NOT be featured in a soccer game. Except if it's this good. Obviously Capcom was planning on releasing a soccer game, and decided to make it a Mega Man game, I guess in order to sell more copies. When I first heard a few years back that Capcom had actually released a Mega Man soccer game, I was shocked. I felt that the Mega Man series was more adapt to shooter/platform action than the sports genre. So a few weeks back, after three years, I decided to buy this game. And when I finally played the game, I found one of the most fun soccer titles ever made. And this comes from a company not known for its sports titles (this is Capcom's only sports title, I believe. I could be wrong). Great job, Capcom!

THE GRAPHICS: The graphics all around are of very good quality. The title screen and intro screens are evry nicely designed and easy to understand. The field selection screen is cool as well because its just like the normal Mega Man selection screens (well, pre-PSX, anyways). And speaking of the different fields, they're great!! Each fields is uniquely designed to fit the boss charcater. For instance, the field in skull man is a skull-type field. Its really cool, and the charcaters are designed very good, as well. Overall, quality graphics.

THE SOUND: Yeah, they brought back the classic Mega Man tunes... well, at least till you start playing the game. The boss selection music is cool because its a remix of the music featured in Mega Man X, among others. I love that song!! And the music that plays while you're playing soccer is great too! Good music, but not up to the quality set by the other games in the series.

THE GAMEPLAY& CONTROLS: Mega Man Soccer is like your basic soccer game, but its very fun to boot. When you turn it to Championship Mode, you have to beat all eight boss teams, which is just like the basic Mega Man series. After beating a boss team, you get the boss character on your team, plus you dont have to play that team anymore. Its really cool. Also, the game features a one-on-one mode, where you pick a field and go against the computer in a field you select. The game also features a Tournament and 2-player modes. Overall, quality gameplay, which is to be expected from the fine folks at Capcom.

RE-PLAYABLE: If you like soccer, this is the game to get. Even if you don't like soccer games in general but like Mega Man games or games that have been made with the characters from other games you should get this.

THE CHALANGE: Try stopping a super blast, and its very hard to score goals. Another thing that is hard is trying to dribble down the field against the other team. They will slide tackle you all of the time.

OVERALL: Despite the challenge of scoring goals, Mega Man Soccer is a fun and exciting soccer game. Capcom has done it again.

SYSTEM: Super Nintendo Entertainment System


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