Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Megaman V (GB)

The most original Mega Man game on the NES or GB

Wow, Capcom came up with a new storyline, that's certainly a big achievement! Earth is being attacked by the mysterious Stardroids. One day Megaman is attacked by Terra, the Stardroid leader, and is seriously injured. Dr. Light laps him up and equips him with the all new Mega Arm. Now Megaman is ready for the battle.

THE GAMEPLAY: The same as in Megaman 4. But now the standard weapon is the Mega Arm. You can charge it up like the Mega Buster, and how longer you charge up the further it goes when you fire it. Throughout the game you find P-chips which can be used to buy new items with from Dr. Light. There are 2 enhancements for the Mega Arm, one lets you grab items out of reach and one lets you attack an enemy over and over. There's also the Energy Balancer introduced in Megaman 4.

One big plus is Megaman's new cat, Tango. Tango himself isn't nearly as usefull as Rush but he's pretty fun to use anyway, he even says ''meow'' when you select him. What's probably the biggest plus is that all enemies and Robot Masters are all brand new, never seen on any other Megaman game before. The Robot Masters' names don't end with 'Man' either but instead are based on planets. 

When you beat the first 4 Robot Masters you must fight a mini boss who is none other than the Rock Monster from Megaman and Megaman 3 on the NES! When you beat all 8 Robot Masters you must fight against Terra, the Stardroids leader. And the real surprise comes in the stages after Terra, but I won't spoil the surprise. The ridiculous password save also makes a comeback in this game and the passwords are even longer than in Megaman 4.

THE GRAPHICS: Beautiful, super detailed backgrounds and large sprites. Intro, ending, and cut-scenes are also present. Everything is very well animated and it even has Super GB support. Altough the colors on the SGB could have been better, they still look good and the border is also nice. There's still some slowdown but it isn't worse than in Megaman 4. Really some of the best graphics found on the old black and white Gameboy.

THE SOUND: Very good brand new music makes this game pleasant to listen at. Tango's ''meow'' is also a very nicely done. If there's one thing which I didn't like it was the same old bad sound effects, for some reason Capcom thinks we like Megaman's arm cannon making sounds my PC speaker even doesn't dare to make...

OVERALL: This is as good as it gets. Without doubt the best platform game on the GB. The new storyline, graphics and music combined with the solid gameplay of Megaman 4 make this game perfect. Why are you still reading this? Go and find yourself a copy of this game and buy it without hesitation!

SYSTEM: Game Boy



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