Saturday, September 24, 2011

Megaman Xtreme

This game was a piece of cake, why does everyone say it is so hard?

I have been a big fan of Mega Man for over 10 years now. I was very happy when Capcom came up with the idea of Mega Man X and Zero. Now, Capcom has brought us a great new addition to the Mega Man library, Mega Man Xtreme. I bought this game and loved it. I don't know why everybody thinks this game is so hard. I beat the game easily in under 8 hours(All three modes with every secret).

THE GRAPHICS: This game features great graphics that are easy to see and more fun. My only problem is that Mega Man looks a little short, but everythings else looks great. Only if they waited a little to release this game on the Gameboy advance...

THE CONTROLS: Mega Man Xtreme has great control, which it needs to be a classic. Controls are responsive and steady. My only problem is that the Gameboy only has 2 main buttons, but Capcom still did a great job.

THE SOUND: I love Capcom's music! From Street Fighter to Breath of Fire! Yet, this game features the same music from Mega Man X/X2. The sounds for Mega Man are crisp and clear.

THE GAMEPLAY: I simply love Mega Man! Every game of his I have played(except for Mega Man Battle and Chase). I am a very big fan. I love the 2D style and concept. Mega Man Xtreme was a little short and easy for me, but that is me. There are people complaining about the game's difficulty level being too high, so it may not be for other people. The bosses seem to have more life in Mega Man Xtreme than in the originals. Another thing that is enjoyable is that there is a 3 save slots, so no more pen and paper. A dissapointment for me is Mega Man's charged up shot(when you get your shot improved by doctor light) looks like your regular powered up shot, only pink. This game features 8 bosses and three difficulty levels. Believe me, you will want to play the game 3 times through and more.

OVERALL: I loved this game. I suggest that anyone who like a good challenge or likes Mega Man should buy it, or at least rent it. This game can be used on Game Boy regular and Color. I am now awaiting for Metal Walker from Capcom to be released.

SYSTEM: Game Boy Color



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