Friday, September 30, 2011

Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation

Possibly the BEST Rockman EXE game out their!

First off, I'd like to begin by telling you how the game works. This is the only Japanese exclusive game for the EXE series. It's not part of the main EXE storyline or even a side story. None of the Human characters from the EXE series are even in this game with the exception of Ribbita, the announcer for the tournaments. She is also the News Reporter for the EXE series. (She was in BN 2, 3 and 5)
How the game works is just like the name of the game (Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation), it's like operating a real Net Navi. Though you can buy a Battle Chip Gate for the game which makes the game feel more like a PET. (PErsonal Terminal) Though you don't have to use the gate to play the game. Some people prefer playing without it. (Such as I) One thing that makes this game very unique to the EXE series is that you do NOT control you're navi's movement. You control you're navi to a certain extent such as telling him/her when to use their buster or special attacks. You command them when to attack, what virus/enemy to attack, and how far they should keep a distance from their main target.

The music in the game is good, and each Navi has their own theme music. The one thing that REALLY made the game very good is that their's 21 playable characters! Though unlocking them can be a pain and 8 of them can only be unlockened by using a Battle Chip Gate, or by Action Replay codes. (Which I used) Their's characters ranging from Roll to Star Man, Shadow Man to Bass, ect. Each Navi has a different style of attacks. Some navi's are better with Defense while others are just plain offensive. another very good thing about the game is that eac navi has different way's of upgrading their HP. Some navi's such as Megaman have to play Mini-games while some have to find HP memories on the net, and some gain HP by defeating certain navi's on the net. Same applies for the Buster Upgrades, each navi must find Golden Mystery Datas on the net. Each Navi has different amounts of Buster upgrades. Some can go up to 5 while others can only go up to 3. And they not only upgrade the standard buster, they upgrade the attack power of the navi's special attacks.

One of the only bad things in the game is that there's not much of a story, but then again, its about you having adventures with you're Navi, so what's to explain? And another bad thing is the time system, while its not hard to wait a couple hours to enter a tournament, it's the Silver and Gold tournaments that are a pain. You can only sign up for those tournaments in the weekdays, and you can only enter the tournaments on the weekends. But if you're impatient such as me, then you'll just use the ability to change the time with an option on the start menu of the game, though it will cost you all of you're zenny (The money of the game), it's better than waiting.

Replay value is another VERY big thing of the game, this game has probably more replay value then almost any game out their. Getting all upgrades for each navi, getting all chips, and defeating all the bosses will take a lifetime. Though this is only needed for getting 100% for the ENTIRE game. You can fight the final boss of the game with just one character and then never touch the game never again.

Though the game is in Japanese, it isn't very confusing to play the game. It may be a little confusing at first, but you will get used to it very quickly. And I'm sure their's an FAQ for it.

Hopefully, reading my review has made you consider getting this game. Though it may be a bit price on the internet. The game is well-worth it!

SYSTEM: Game Boy Advance


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