Friday, September 30, 2011

Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star

Plug In-.....Shooting Star Rockman??

Megaman Battle Network Operation Star Force is basically a port of Exe 1 with an extra chapter, slightly different gameplay, and some new features.

GRAPHICS: Eh... The graphics are the same as Exe 1. MMSF is in SF 3 gaphics though. Even though it's the sam graphics, it's not that bad. The prologue is a new one. It is in Waxa and completely in SF3 graphics. I wish they could've given the rest of the game the same kind of facelift. But this is Capcom. I'm expecting too much from these lazy goons.

SOUND: Except for the opening internet theme, the music is the same. However, if you play as MMSF the virus music is SF1 and the boss music is SF2. They also cleaned up the music. In Exe 1 there were slight sounds of static and brokeness to the music. This time, the music's a lot more pleasant to hear.

STORY: The storyline is the same as Exe1 until you get to Elecman's scenario. After that there is the crossover scenario where you have to defeat clockman. Clockman kidnaps(won't say who) and runs off. MMSF is accused at first but then both Megaman have to chase Clockman to his own demension and combine their powers to defeat them. It's pretty interesting.
GAMEPLAY: The encounter rate has been fixed for starters. They also gave you a bottom screen map to help you navigate the internet of BN1. The characters have new face pics and some voice acting. The custom screen has been changed so that therre's only two rows like Exe2-6. They also added some new PAs (Double Rockman, Double hero 2)and chips(Clockman and Rogue), which I won't spoil. Most importantly, you get to play as MMSF after you beat Clockman's scenario forever. MMSF has lockon and shield. So use lot's of swords. He also makes Beta Sword pretty useful.They also added a Megaman Coloseum. You earn points from mini games and there are some shops where you can buy good stuff with them.

OVERALL: This is the same as Exe1 except with a new scenario, some extra features, and some whole new gamplay mechanics(SF). The most crucial part of this game is being able to play as Megaman Star Force. It is exactly what the title says it is. Megaman Battle Network Operation:Star Force.

SYSTEM: Nintendo DS



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