Saturday, September 24, 2011

Super Adventure Rockman

If you like anime, than you'll like this!

This game is only released in Japan so people elsewhere might find it hard to find this game. It's not the latest addition to the Rockman ( or Megaman in the US) series because this came out far before Megaman Legends did. To simply describe this game, it is an interactive movie game for the playstation console, which stars the blue bomber Megaman.

THE STORY:  The story begins as Dr. Wily becomes possessed by a supercomputer called ‘La Moon' which he found in an expedition in the Mayan temples. La Moon orders Wily to help it to conquer the world. Megaman must now find and defeat Wily to save Roll which gets ill after the incident.

THE GAMEPLAY: As described earlier, the game is an interactive movie. You watch a scene or two then when megaman needs to do a decision or even when he needs to jump or to dodge, you can maneuver him. How is it done? Well for example, the path splits in three, you will now be asked if you want to go to the left or the right or most of the time, a middle path. The story progresses as you pick a path, so you might want to play it again and again to see what happens if you pick another path. Second, sometimes enemies throw projectiles at you or there is a cliff or low bridge, an arrow will appear in your screen, this is the time you are asked to press the button or get hit. Megaman has his own power bar as in his old games, when his power is gone, you will have the chance to enjoy a very cool death scene.:p In addition to this, there is also an additional shooting game whenever you battle a boss character or some enemy attacks ( which by the way comes from his first 3 games). In this shooting game, you control a cross-hair and well, shoot the crap out of everything that moves. Plus when you defeat a boss you get his weapon (duh!) an be able to use it on other shooting segments.

OVERALL: For my personal opinion, I say this game is strictly a must for die hard Rockman fans, and for anime lovers too (since the whole thing is a big anime movie). It might get boring to watch the game, since you don't have any other choice. So to this game I give a 5 out of 10! It's good, it's bad but certainly not ugly.

SYSTEM: Play Station, Sega Saturn



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