Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Donkey Kong Country Returns

DKCR is one of the shining stars of the Wii library

From the very beginning of gameplay, you will be reminded of why it is you loved the old DKC games. The pace, the hidden areas, and seeing letters placed everywhere that confuse your mind as to how to actually get to that specific area. Since I picked the game up, 8 people have ventured through my house as I have been playing it, and everyone says the same thing “Whoa, this game looks like fun!” , and it is true.

The game has a similar map as Mario 3 did. Each map has beginning levels that branch out into other paths, with side paths that can be unlocked by doing a couple of things. One way to open a path is to purchase a gold key that opens up a faster route to the end of the level, which is great, because the levels found in these areas are masterful. The other way to open up a secret path is to find the name K-O-N-G in each level, which opens up the Golden Temple level on each world map, adding up to 8 golden levels, and a secret boss at the end. I even think that this boss is still a secret on the internet, seeing that the game is so absolutely hard as it is, adding to that is the insane level difficulty found in these Golden levels.

Take Mario, the old classic Donkey Kong Country Returns, and throw in guitar hero, and you will have this masterpiece. Just as in guitar hero, timing is everything when pressing certain buttons, the same goes with this game. In order to get past a gap, you will need to sometimes jump on an enemy to cross it, which is obvious in the trailers, and in the past games. But, the designers of this new installment new this was where the fun factor was found in the former titles, and amped it up to 10. Going through the first Golden Temple reminded me of playing guitar hero so much, because it was imperative that you hit the jump button at exactly the right time of impact on an enemy to make it over some spikes, only to land on another enemy and time the jump button precisely again, and this is no joke. You really have to time the jump button push at the dead on right moment, or you will fall quite short of the ledge.

You can tell that the developers had a great vision in their minds when they made this game, and the executed their vision brilliantly. It only goes to show, that most of our gaming memories are not just made up fictions, but actually true, and games in the past were probably allot better, and allot more fulfilling than what we see in the lime light today. This game is another example of why Nintendo's library is nothing to look down upon, and is a great reason to own a Wii. 




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