Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Serious Sam Advance

Game Boy Gets Serious!!!!
Well here's my feeling after playing 5 stages into it. It's Serious Sam alright, and plays pretty well. The graphics are between say DOOM and Duke Nukem Advance, but this is likely due to the fact you can get 10 things spawned on screen at the same time without nasty drag on the frames per second. 

That's right, unlike some other first person shooters on Gameboy Advance this one will toss 6 guys at you from up front and another pack from behind. Keep moving, keep the guns blazing, or die fast. The audio is good, got the yells of the kamikazes, grunts, gun and blast sounds, and some decent music too. I have to give credit where it's due seeing how much can be on screen, run fluid enough, and give an overall good audio presentation. Control is mixed bag, but overall works very nicely once you're used to it. At first it will feel like poo and in tight corridors it can suck trying to aim, but most the game is large arenas. 

You'll be happy the controls whip around as they do in large arenas because that's how the PC one works laying down the law strafing like a madman. You can pinpoint aim using the B button and moving the directional pad, but it makes you a target too, so be quick and beware. Serious Sam Advance also comes with a ton of levels, 10 weapon choices, many new and returning enemies, and pretty decent pickups (and amount of) as you go along. 

Downsides, well a few, so really the game is like 8/10 worthy, and here's why. I instantly dock a point because the geniuses there went with a password save ...stupid and archaic. The lack of battery will end up costing you a few things and oddly gaining some too?! You lose all your stats and score, but gain full ammo on a restart as the code saves weapons, not the ammo, so you end up with a full restocking of gear. 

This is somewhat of a gimme, but kind of nice I suppose if you're low on a certain gun you like. The rest I hammer it for quite simply is the tough aim in narrow areas. You really can't pinpoint your aim well without using B and becoming possible (likely) cannon fodder. Password and tight area gunplay aside, it's sweet. 

Would I recommend this? Yes, as a purchase with a proviso. The game starts awful on the first stage with a pistol and tight corridors which are handled somewhat poorly. Give the game at least 4 stages deep and let it grow on you.




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