Saturday, October 29, 2011

Serious Sam Gold

Only for those chosen ones

Wow, well, let me start by saying this is an amazing twist of classic gameplay, being engineered by modern game mechanics. It takes all the fun of games like Doom and Time splitters and rolls it up into one smoking hot package. 

GAMEPLAY: When Goldeneye 007 came out on N64 back in 1997; it really redefined the fun factor in a game. While others were trying to produce story driven First person shooters or extremely realistic First person shooters, Goldeneye shoved that into the dirt and walked right over those ideas. It focused squarely on gameplay and that's exactly what serious Sam does but in much more fast paced and violent manner.

To start, the game is just a basic shooting gallery with loads of devastating weapons and simplistic functions. For example Sam starts off with a Revolver and Military knife and then you see a few enemies, but by time you have progressed the game is throwing One hundred plus monsters at you from every direction and your just blasting them all with rockets and bullets, and by then you'll be sucked into the game that you'll forget that you were smiling the whole time, simply because the gameplay is just enjoyable as hell, that and most of all it rewarding, as you progress you get bigger and better weapons and power-ups. 

Most people may think the cartoony look is to target a specific audience, wrong. SS is full of fast paced shooting and wacky creatures. The Violence level maybe a bit extreme respectfully since the game looks so cartoonish that an unsuspecting parent may buy this title for a little one. It's full of gore; so don't think that shotguns going to be teaching your kids anything useful (well maybe).

One thing you'll notice right off the bat is that the game is not really ‘serious' in anyway, as a matter fact it quite comical as its all supposed to be a funny cartoon like shooting fable. So with that, you know some stuff is actually sort of cute. For instance, your not fighting the most horrid ugly space demons ever laid eyes on in fact its no more than big buggy like aliens and wired parasites as well as human things , like headless clowns, and pigmies and kamikaze zombies. The levels also look fun and bright as they are all fun and games, until the gallons of blood stain the happy environment. The small movies can Also have humor in them but it's somewhat dry, like Sam diving into a water cave and having aliens hold up score cards, (not funny, but clever).

Serious Sam is actually quite long and has plenty of replay value as well. You have plenty of levels of mindless slop shooting under four difficulty settings each one considerably harder and crazier than the next. Since they toss in more enemies it becomes even more fun to watch them die by the hundreds. So you're getting your moneys worth either way. 

GRAPHICS: Artistic and pretty; words that could be used to describe this games amazing graphics. The Gun models look fresh as could be and even look better than some other more modern FPS guns. They all move with precision and with out a frame rate slow down. Another great thing I liked in the graphics department was the great level design, it seemed that the levels were carefully touched up and were lined with lovely details, that being said you can also really see its awesome textures. The textures look great on the PC! All the lighting and glares show up just as colorful and brilliant as ever before, that also include the effects in guns as well as the aliens. All the animations including the cut-scenes were preformed real smooth on the Rig I was using and the way the game looks as a whole is just so lush and fresh that it really sticks out. 

SOUND: The sounds of all the aliens are crisp and the weapons sound a tad weak but maintain a powerful beat down, overall the basic sounds are really sweet. As far as music is concerned, it isn't very good but you'll be so implanted in the action that you forget that there even is sound! The game sounds little different in 5.1 surround sound but try it if you get the chance it makes it somewhat more powerful. 

OVERALL:  Get this game it's a great FPS and by time your done playing you'll be so amazed that you'll want to play more and more till it hurts!




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