Sunday, October 09, 2011

You Don't Know Jack

You don't know what you're missing... Really!

This game is just downright simple, fun, and hilarious. Especially when you're playing with 2 other friends, it just optimizes the gameplay. YDKJ is a trivia game based on pop-culture, tv, sports, basically anything. And I mean anything. You may come across the Addams family playing football, or even James Bondage. I don't know, you pick the category. The game is simple, you get a question, buzz in, and answer. If you answer correctly, you get the amount of money, answer incorrectly, and you get a funny pun and/or sarcastic remark from the announcer, who just makes the game ten times better than it already is. A twist is that you can "screw" your opponent into answering the question. If they get it right, you lose the money. And yes, you can go into negatives. Anway, sometimes there are gibberish questions in which they give you a phrase that rhymes with a popular phrase, title, movie, book, saying, game, anything. This game is so ingenious, it pains me to figure out why I didn't make up this game. the announcer makes the game sooo much better. With his well-timed out puns, shtick, sarcastic remarks, and criticism of the player, you won't want to stop playing this game.

At the end of the game, a Jack Attack is in order. When you see a match that goes together, like pizza and slice, you buzz in. Plus 2k if you're right, minus 2k if you're wrong. This is where the players who are losing just hold down their buzzer to see how much in negative they can get, I have seen negative 20 million.

This game is so fun, I still plug it in and play it today. With all the new YDKJ's, this one just puts emphasis on the series. This game was the game that started the series, and it will stay the best. You should definitely stop reading this review and buy this game. Or go to Hell. Your choice.



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