Monday, November 21, 2011

The Need For Speed

In the year 1994, the world wasn't ready for the 1st & best racing game!

In this game, like most other racing games, there isn't a plot.
Just hit the gas, be ready when to hit the brakes, and watch out not to hit to many cars!
GAMEPLAY: Ever just wanted to run over a road sign or go way past the speed limit? How about turning a car upside down? This is one of the best racing games I've ever played. It is quite challenging. In most racing games, you're usually at the front of the pack within 10 seconds (or so I think), but in this wild game, it is hard to get in first place for even a second. Especially on the harder courses. There are 3 levels of difficulty. The easy courses that don't have too many sharp turns and stuff like that are City, and Rusty Springs. It isn't horribly hard to do well in these courses. The moderate difficulty courses are Coastal, and Autumn Valley. These are a bit more challenging and difficult. The very difficult courses are Alpine, and Vertigo Ridge. Throughout these courses, there are different cars to choose from for different courses (ex. a Ferrari, Dodge Viper, etc.) On some courses (Rusty Springs, Autumn Valley, and Vertigo Ridge, there is a track that you do a certain number of laps around it. However in others, (City, Coastal, and Alpine), you must meet a checkpoint and continue onto the next segment. If you are an expert racer, you might make it in the top times (set by computer). In this game, there are also different modes: Tournament, Head to Head, Time Trial, and more.

GRAPHICS: These graphics are actually, believe it or not, pretty good. It isn't a cartoon race with the tiger and the dog and Mario and stuff. These are real cars in the game. Sports cars. During gameplay, there are small colored arrows above the cars so you can see where they are and how far ahead or behind they are. Sometimes, it's hard to see them. You can see tire marks of where cars have skidded. The track, scenery, and background is well done too.

SOUND: There isn't really any good music or sound effects. Well, there's the obvious sound effects such as cars banging or hitting fences, signs. There is also the turning sound effects and stuff. Nothing major.....

CONTROLS: Very good. Press the ''A'' button to put the first gear on and the arrows to turn, speed up, or slow down.

FUN FACTOR & CHALLENGE: It's fun to play this game but it won't be addictive to you. You'll probably only play it for a week or so and move on. This process will probably repeat itself many times because it is hard to just stay away from this game for a long period of time. This is very challenging to get in first place. Maybe a bit too so. Even for expert racers. I have never finished first in Coastal, Alpine, or Vertigo Ridge, however, it isn't too difficult to place second.

OVERALL: Get it or forget about it? It depends. If racing games are your type, then buy it. If racing games are not great but good, rent before buying it. If racing games are horrible, you think, don't buy or rent. Personally, I love racing games and this one is great!

SYSTEM: 3DO, PC, Sega Saturn



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