Sunday, December 04, 2011

Need for Speed - Shift

Need for Speed comes back to the simulation area
Need for Speed: Shift is one of the recent releases in the Need for Speed franchise. While this is a change in the series that seems to happen every so often in the franchise. Shift is one of the few ‘simulation' in the series and this time around it seems like they done what they could to deliver that for one of those times in the series. There are things that this game done that I like and there are things in the game that I feel that could've been done better in some way or another. 

One thing that seems to be is that the developers of the game tried to go Gran Turismo with the series but yet done things that the GT series didn't do. Although I never played any of the other Need for Speed games on PlayStation3 nor Xbox360, do not expect any comparisons to other next generation Need for Speed games. 

At first this game looks to be that of a copy of Gran Turismo, but like I had said there are things that separate this game from any of those games. One of the first things that you'll notice is your driver level which as you progress throughout the game, your driver level goes up and you unlock more things such as cars as well as invitational events. Also each of the tracks that are featured in this game are new to me that I never raced at before such as Road America. 

Each of the tracks I feel are detailed in every way and if it was in Gran Turismo it looks to be almost like if they were in one of those games. As for the cars, each of the cars look to be modeled just like the real thing. Also some of the things that you can do with the paint along with other things being done to the car I like the effort that was done to making all the environments as well as the cars and all looking ever so nicely.

As for when it comes to how this game feels in terms of play, I have to say that to expect something like a Gran Turismo feel to it but at the same time a little different than that of Gran Turismo. Each of the cars handles the way you would probably expect it to in real life though that I feel that the physics of the cars seem to be a bit off than I would expect even for a high profile racing series like Need for Speed. I say that due to of how the cars seem to act while going through certain corners of the tracks that are featured in the game, like for example I can take a Ford Mustang around Nurburgring in this game better than that of Gran Turismo. 

I'd agree that Shift don't have the most realistic physics, but I hope that if there's a new game in the simulation that they work on the physics more so the cars feel better through the turns. One complaint that I have is that you can't change the controls to like having ‘X' as throttle, or ‘Square' as brake, not sure if they thought that the PlayStation3 users would want to think that they're playing a ‘Xbox360' port maybe.

When it comes to difficulty for this game, that can differ on the kind of player that you are when it comes to any kind of racing games, particularly this game. This game offers something that wasn't featured in any version of Need for Speed: ProStreet, which is known as ‘Mastering Corners'. This new feature that is in Need for Speed: Shift, allows the players to try to get the corners of the track mastered and being able to say that they are true masters of all the tracks in the game. 

Yet there is one problem with this feature and that is, which I have experienced in this game. There may be some glitch or it just doesn't want to register, that a corner don't want to get mastered no matter how many times I go through it on the ‘preferred' racing line. That is the only thing that seems to bother me and has to be the most difficult thing trying to accomplish throughout the game. Everything else in the game can be rather challenging at first but once you get the hang of the game it should be a breeze to get through.

As for the sound of the game is rather detailed for the game. Each of the cars that are featured in the game is like that of the real deal though I never seen most of the cars in person that are in this game. Even with the modifications that can be done to the car like engine upgrades along with anything else like piping for the exhaust to give it that racing sound. I have experienced live races to know how racecars sound, but there are some I never experienced before. All in all I feel that the sounds are rather realistic, not the best but it's still good to me.

Overall, Need for Speed: Shift may not be the best racing simulator out there but I feel that anyone that's into just those kind of racing games should check this game out in any way that they can. Although that I have mentioned what I have said what my complaints were in the game and feel that if there's another Need for Speed sim game that these areas should be improved on in any way possible. Though I am not saying that this game is bad in any way, but while working on it some of these should've been taken under advisement for some of the players that are going to be playing this game when it came out. Overall, I give this addition of the Need for Speed franchise a solid 8 out of 10.

SYSTEM: PC, Play Station 3, XBOX 360, PSP



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