Saturday, January 07, 2012


Let's start a new game this year!
UPDATE: New posts will start in Monday!
2012, the year that will make a difference... Everybody is saying it, why? I don't know!
But i do know this year GCES is going to make a new record in posts & pageviewers!
Everything started back in June, and after some time, more & more people came to see it! I was so happy!
But before we continue in the new year, I would like to list the most popular posts on the Blog! The posts that made this blog so fantastic. Here are the Top 5 posts!!!!!!!!

Ah yes, AoE & The Titans expansion pack, those were my first real-time strategy based games that I played, and I enjoyed every minute of it! No wonder it got such a high rating of views on the blog! And from this game, because I have beat it in about 1000 times & know every secret, i got my nickname Arkentos!
Current number: 7,682 Pageviews and still rising!

After AoE, I started loving RTS games, and of course, W3 would be on of it. But not the original game, no, the Expansion! W3 Reing of chaos was easy to beat, but Frozen Throne was and it will always be a hell of a game. It was fun when I finished it, but to my surprise, Blizzard then launched the patches, continuing the story of Rexxar till the end, and made a continuity in the WoW universe, but also, fixed a lot  of bugs in the LAN play too!
Current number: 3,462 Pageviews and still rising!

The 1st and still the best sprite based comic on the net ever! I started reading it way back in 2004 when I discovered the internet! The comic is hilarious, funny, cool, and really long! From 2000 till 2007, i remembered when it ended, it was at the same time Good & Bad! But the comic is still online and ready to make you laugh in every comic strip!
Current number: 2,380 Pageviews and still rising!

The Game boy, my 1st handheld console ever! I still have it! Sometimes i plug in my Pokemon Red and continue to beat the Elite 4! I got it way back in 1996, i was the 1st in my village to have such a device, and everyone was jealous  about it! I love it, even if it's old, it's my 1st Game Boy!
Current number: 1,584 Pageviews and still rising!

In this post i started to write about the difference between two rivals, two consoles that wrote history back in the good old 90is! Better graphics, 3D models, epic gameplay, cool soundtracks, multilayer, tons of unforgettable games! Man, when i wrote everything down, I couldn't believe that back then they were the best consoles ever!
Current number: 1,439 Pageviews and still rising!

Now, moving on to the blog and it's constantly changing looks! The look of the blog changed a couple of times, from the wallpapers till the templates itself. It seems I still can't find that look that I want for GCES. But then again, a little change is refreshing!

For this year, there will be more stuff, more walls, more reviews, and more epic puns :P haha !
Thank you all who followed me last year, and i hope to see you again this year too!

Oh, before i forget, I would like to thank my best friend Milan, the author of B.O.L.T.S. who inspired me to make this blog! Who  knows how boring it would be in 2011? And my brother Filip, the author of  F.C. who gave me ideas about which game or console i should write!





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