Saturday, January 07, 2012


My Idea is...?
Ok, i have some plans for the future of this blog, some are good, some are, well, not so good!

My point is that I wanna hear your opinion, your suggestions!
What would YOU like? Should I put more pics in the post? More clips? More posts a day? Do you like the new look? Anything! I'm all open for every suggestion!

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  1. I read your posts & saw a good style of writing & publishing.
    My suggestion is : You should stay at the 1 post a day! It's better for you, because you're gonna spend to much time in front of the computer!
    The pictures & everything else is ok!

  2. Listen very carefully, i shall say this only once!
    everything ok, but you should write about consoles too?
    also , 1 post at the time! better write a couple and publish them later, so you would have free time !

  3. This template is WAY TO DAKR!!!!! I mean, i dont know what you like, but, it's a little scary for a gaming blog, dont u think?
    a little lighing it up would be cool?
    just my suggestion, dont take it into acount seriously, ok?

  4. Try a little bit lighter look. This is a little bit scary, and also u could change the fonts like something robotic?

  5. The design could be a little brighter ( not lighter like U folks say, lighter is for the mass ex. Kg ).
    Anyhow, my suggestion is that you should change it, because those before this were great, but this one, well, you could lose ur self in the dark here !

    also, it would be great if you could insert a Slide Show? New highlights? And the popular post.... well, it's kinda getting old... same stuff, every single time! Switch it to weekly base!

    and how about U enlarge the header sign a little bit bigger, so the people that come here will notice the big name?

    I admire how much U put everything into this blog, keep up the good work, and maybe at the next new year there will be a million pagewievs?

    Good Luck Nick!

  6. a little bit organized blog! Everything on the frontpage, so that people dont have to scroll till the end to see it, except when they are reading a post, because ur posts are logn & detailed, just like it should be!