Friday, February 17, 2012

Abduction for Android

So simple, so fun, so worth it.
Review By ZTEX
Abduction is a great recreation of the popular game "PapiJump", where the object of the game is to jump your character from paddle to paddle along the screen to get higher and higher, with your points accumulating as you go. That's the jist of it in a nutshell. However, within Abduction! what's happened is that aliens have come down to Earth and stole our land and animals! And as you jump (on the land they stole) you can get higher and higher up to the Alien space ship which is hovering just out of our atmosphere, in space.

That being said, one of the best things about this game compared to it's predecessor, PapiJump, is the fact that as you progress through your levels and jump higher, your scenery changes. You start off jumping during the sun, and as you get higher and higher the sun dims down, it turns into night...and eventually you've jumped so high you're in space! It's also nice to see that the developers have added in some sort of weather machine! ...or something like that, because you can experience blazing hard rains, soft rains, and clear skies.

There's two modes to this game, one is the standard game mode where you can just play to jump, which offers 6 difficulties ranging from "Kids" which has it so if you miss a paddle and fall, you will not die but instead continue to jump (it's really nice for beginners) up to "Evil Infinite" which has you jumping along MOVING platforms, which zag side to side quickly and in some areas, crumble beneath your hooves in this case.

Not only does this game offer the standard jump from paddle to paddle but they also throw in a Demo of the "Adventure Mode" (unlock the full mode, when you purchase the full games) - where you have levels and missions you have to accomplish in order to advance. Most of these missions consist of the general jumping like we expect, but the fact that if you complete the levels you will play others - is something to strive for in itself. In the same aspect, you also have challenges to strive for which will either unlock items or characters, or just add more points to your over-all score. One of the challenges offered is "Reach the Top in 30 seconds" - and unfortunately, there is only five out of the twenty possible challenges available for reaching, since the rest require the full version.

Within these game modes, there are falling "bonuses" you can acquire and gather as you play. Most of the falling bonus's partake to the mission at hand and consist of random things such as; Extra lives, More paddles, Bonus points, and even negative ones such as; Short paddles, Less paddles, and bombs - which will end your game if hit. These aren't essential to get, their just a bonus that you can try to jump towards as you play each level. Be weary, as they are if you're looking for an Extra life you just might find yourself with Less paddles.

Overall, this game is amazing. The Demo mode gives this game just as much fun as the original content involved because you can replay the demo with new profiles over and over and try to beat your old scores - or just update your local one! If you want a great game for any time I do highly suggest to try this trial before going straight out and buying the full version because this might just be what you're looking can only jump so much before you jump into a burn out!

SYSTEM: Android devices



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