Monday, February 20, 2012

Archipelago for Android

Well that was fun.
Review By ZTEX
Have you ever heard of Risk? Well this is essentially Risk, for your cell phone. You need to strategize on how to out number your enemy in order to overtake their bases and control the world! Everyone loves a game you can just pick up and play and that is what great about this game. The simplistic design and layout of the maps create an easy atmosphere to play on. So after you take the two minute tutorial, you can pick up and play like a champ without confusion... However, that being said the simplistic and few designs provide a very dull and boring map to play on, and after a few games you tend to get tired of playing.

You're given several "islands" in which you occupy and can gain control of in order to win the battle. You win by controlling the majority of the islands and over all as the game progresses you completely wipe out your enemy, or be wiped out. When you attack you lose half your troops (as they go off in the plane, to the island your attacking) so the more islands you control, the faster your troops reproduce and the more troops you can send.

Again, after a while this game can become tedious because the AI continually starts with more islands occupied and more troops in total to start with. This is a game of strategy yes, but when you start off out numbered it can become difficult to overcome the odds. The only reason this is a real issue is for the most part you always start with underdeveloped islands near you (Larger islands produce troops faster, where as smaller produce slower) so that, plus the AI starting with more troops and islands under control will kill your spirits.

Aside from the sometimes uneven starting advantages this game can become very addicting because of the simplistic design and layout of the battlefield...And the thought that *maybe* just maybe...the next game might play in your favor. Just be sure to note that if you lose a battle and replay it, the AI will do the exact same starting moves. I'd also like to point out as a tip to often allow the AI to make the first move in securing an island as they will attempt to control a neutral island so they will lose troops in the process which will weaken the island from it's original state allowing you an easier chance to over take it. Something that could be added would be the ability to restart your game, or to restart the battle you're on, because one small mistake can mean the entire battle.

Overall, this game offers very little replay value if you're looking for a game to pick up and play for a good chunk of time because the AI skill level is either incredibly easy, or out numbering and quick witted. I'm not sure I would recommend this game, but if you're interested in a strategy game like Risk this is the game for you. Other than that, I'd suggest looking for a game with a bit more kick, because Archipelago is lacking it.



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