Thursday, February 23, 2012


Games that are on your cell phone!
Review By Celulosa
INTRO: The games you play and the type of hardware on your phone depends on the type of the cell phone you have. This is my review of the cell phones games and hardware.

CONTROLS: The controls in this game depend on the type of game that you play. A lot of the games require you to use the number pad or the arrows. Some of the games have a difficult control schemes that makes you use random numbers or arrows. Other games have simple control schemes that don't have a steep learning curve. It's a cell phone so the controls aren't that big of a deal.

GRAPHICS: The graphics for the cell phones games depends on th game you are playing. Some games like Pac-Man, Tetris, and Astrosmash have an arcade-type look. Other games like Resident Evil have a blocky type of look. The arcade-type games appearance suits the cell phones games. Games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Crash Bandicoot have a horrible look.

SOUND: I never even use the sound on my cell phone. Most of the games on my cell phone have a static-type noise. The sound on a phone is unnecessary, especially if you are in a public area. My cell phone is two years old so the sound may vary with other phones. The sound also varies on the type of game you ar playing on the phone.

GAME LIBRARY: The game library for the cell phone is vast. You can play almost any type of puzzle game like Tetris, Pac-man, and centipede. You can also play many old action games like Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, and Tomb Raider. Some of the games for the cell phone are horrible and look like they were made especially for the cell phone. I recommend that you ignore these games.

OVERALL: You should play some of the games on the cell phone like Tetris and Pac-man. They are a good way to kill time, especially in public places or in waiting rooms. Try to avoid games that depend a lot on the sound or games that were made just for the cell phone.



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