Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nokia N-Gage

Same look as a Game Boy Advance, but not the same for the games.
Review By Aliponbon
GAMEPLAY: Although i can honestly say i haven't had much experience with playing the proper games with it (only played from stores) they seem to be quite easy to control. The only other ones i have played are more or less the standard games now, bounce etc. I find them extremely easy to use.

GRAPHICS: I have never played any other of the newer gaming devices so i don't have anything to compare it to, but i find this one to be very good. The screen is well lit no jumpy graphics and with full colour. Viewing pictures is very clear and bright unlike some of the other nokias which are very dull to look at.

SOUND: I find it to be very clear when you listen to radio and the ringtones are extremely loud. The only bad thing about it is if the phone is in your pocket or something it does cover the speaker which quietens it down a lot. I suppose that is where the vibrating helps.

FEATURES: WOW! This thing is packed full with extras. Even if you don't find the program you want, there are a lot you can download (and yes this is legal.) One of the features that i quite liked is the GPS. No, the phone doesn't come with it normally, and no it isn't ''proper'' GPS. You have to use another program and it gives the phone the ability to not only tell you where you are, but you can set different settings to put the phone on silent, change the display picture etc when you enter different areas. Might be useful for school/dentists etc. Huge device memory space. I know a lot of people say that it isn't very big, but it depends what you put on there. If you save lots of pictures on it, of course it's going to fill up quick. That is what a MMC card is for. But you can store hundreds of sms', calendar entries, the list goes on.

VIDEO: It has real one player which gives the phone the ability to play video clips and watch movie trailers online using gprs. The movies are quite clear and easy to see, only downside is, sometimes the picture goes a little choppy while watching movies off the internet, but i suppose that is quite normal.

DESIGN: It's not completely without flaw, but it is quite good. For someone that has fairly large hands like me i find it easy to maneuver and get to different buttons quickly. It might look a little strange at first, but after using it for a while, you find out that everything in it has a purpose. The only HUGE flaw is using it as a phone. I'm sure a lot of people have seen the pictures by now and yeah it does look and feel very weird when you talk on it. The only way to get around this is to use the headset or the loudspeaker. They both will do the job.

OVERALL: Well, primarily i bought this as a phone, but i just liked the extra features. I wanted something different from every other phone on the market and that's what i got. I do not compare this at all to any other small gaming device because basically it just doesn't compare. This seems to me like it is all of them put together and more. I'd like to see someone else use GPS, calendar, send an sms, use msn/icq/yahoo!/aol, and a phone plus more on one device. One thing that happens to me every now and then is apps crashing. If the standard browser doesn't like a website you go to, it crashes. That can be a bit of a pain. Otherwise i am very, very happy with the phone, but i wouldn't recommend it to everyone.


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  1. sonic on nokia, it was like a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!