Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 11 Birthday Megaman BN / Rockman EXE.

Jack In!!! It's Party Time!!!!!

I couldn't forget this date. Battle Network turns 11 today, which is a long time if you think about it. That means I would have been 11 when the first game came out which means it 5 years before I even owned my first handheld. I don't feel like telling my whole story again, but I'll just mention the basics.

I didn't start following the Battle Network games until around 2004. By then, marketing was in full swing and it caught my attention. I'm kind of sure Battle Network 3 was the first Megaman BN game I played. I played games like Original Megaman & Megaman X in emulators before but I didn't start playing those games really intense until after I became interested in Battle Network. The series had a nice run and I really enjoyed the series's second half of life. I always get on board with these things a little late. I never really purchased any merchandise. The only Battle Network games I owned was Battle Network 6 and Battle Network 5DS. That's about it, I guess.

I missed out, sure, but I made up for it. Despite not having every piece of merchandise or game, I still managed to make it out on top. I know pretty much everything about the entire series, including the anime. I even made a great marathon of posts here about it. So yeah, the Battle Network series did have a nice run. I just hope some more Battle Network-related things come out in the future. Perhaps like a much-needed graphical enhancement on the 3DS..?
Maybe, maybe not.... But hey, we can always dream, can't we?
So, once again, Happy Bitrhday Rockman EXE. / Megaman BN !!!!!!!!!



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