Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Darkstalkers Chronicle - The Chaos Tower

A must for fighting fans.
Review By SFUNPSP.
Darkstalkers was one of the original games that I played on my PS1 when I first got it. I actually remember renting it from some small little video store about a hour from my house because it was the only place to rent out PS1 games at that time. While I didn't love the game I did love the characters. I quickly bought Darkstalkers Chronicles after the PSP launch and just fell in love with it. The great characters are here, a lot of cool ones I didn't even know because I had skipped the two sequels, which I now regret.

I'm not really sure on the story. From what I can tell you're basically stopping some evil from being born and the endings have nothing to do with that. The endings are very quirky, BB Hood's ending is a twisted version of red riding hood. It's all very enjoyable and with every character having at least one ending, some have three, then there is a lot to do and see.

The control is pretty good. I had some trouble with jumping but I always do in fighting games. I also suck at performing moves but that's also because I haven't taken the time to do training and see how the moves are actually done. Everything reacts well though.

The sound in the game is pretty solid. The music is very good, fitting the stages well, I actually really enjoyed it which is surprising since I usually dislike the music in fighting game. While there isn't any voice acting, the characters do shout out stuff once in awhile, all in Japanese but it's fun none the less. The sound effects are nice. Hits sound good, as do attacks. I also love BB Hood's karaoke battle win sounds, CLASSIC!

The graphics are very pretty sprites. Solid animations, everything runs smoothly. It's great to look at. The cut scenes all look good. This game seriously looks amazing. Of course I'm partial to 2D fighters but that should change the fact that this game is great to look at.

Darkstalkers is your almost typical fighting game. A cast of 18 characters, most of which play drastically different. The cast is very well done and includes every character from the series. The fighting engine is ala Street Fighter but it is from the same company so that should be expected. Lots of moves and stuff to pull off and some of the moves are just great. I love the last bosses booty blowup attack, it just looks cool with the blood spraying out. The game feature a few different modes. Arcade, tower, training and Chronicles. Arcade is obvious but what I like is that you can choose what style of game play.

You can pick from Darkstalkers, Night Warriors, or Darkstalkers 3. I prefer Darstalkers 3 but that might just be me. This is also how you unlock the endings for characters who appear in more then 1 game. You need to pick which game style and when you beat it with that character you get their ending for that style, if they weren't in that game then you get the ending for whatever they were in first. Chronicles mode can't be played but it's where you can view the endings as you unlock them. You can also view an art gallery which contains art of the characters, posters, ect… All very nice and I enjoyed seeing the posters which I hadn't seen before.

Training is also an obvious game area. You pick a character and bone up and learn how to pull of the moves for that character. Tower mode is really cool. It's basically a tower with 100 floors. You pick 3 characters, they can all 3 be the same character and you have to work your way up. You're able to skip floors by reaching certain requirements. Sometimes there are penalty floors where you can't kick. The characters keep the health as it is but they will heal as time goes by if you switch to another characters. This is the only way to unlock the art work but it's also really fun and it adds a good challenge.

I have a few PSP games that I have yet to start or beta yet but this game just keeps pulling me back in. It's that much fun and I'm glad I bought it because it'll be a blast to play irt on the plane during my flights this year. This is one of the best laumch titles for the PSP, a must for fighting fans.

SYSTEM: PlayStation Portable



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