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FIFA, FIFA, FIFA... same game, new box...
Review By Pinhead
Inspired by the excitement of the World Cup, I went to the store and picked up FIFA 06. I trusted EA sports with this one because I was a huge fan of madden and other EA games. In addition, I used to play FIFA 2002 on my ps2. I quickly rushed home and started up my new game. It didn't take my but 20 minutes to realize that FIFA 06 was anything but exciting. 

The game play is just like any other EA sports game. You got your manager mode, the quick game mode, online mode, and practice mode. Everything is there, nothing new is added. Since my connection isn't good enough to play online, I decided to start the manager mode. In manager mode you chose a team from an impressive collection of teams including over 20 clubs. You also select a sponsor to pa y for your team's hard work (or lack of there of). But once I got to the manager menu I realized that there wasn't much managing I could do. 

The menus, statistics, options were all horribly lacking compared to other EA sports games. Everything looked like the past FIFA games with practically no new additions. You have your schedules your squad line up and all the basic things. However all those things are heavily simplified and offer very little. For example, there is a leader board that lists the season's statistics. However, instead of displaying all the interesting statistics of your team, it just lists the top 10 goal scorers, red card getters, etc. there is no way to see who is the 11th person is or get info on other important stats like the goals attempted, pass percentage or pass accuracy. 

But enough about the menu. Lets talk about the in game play. The FIFA brings almost nothing new to the game play department. All the players act the same except for some special moves like back heel passes. Also your players are very unresponsive and seem to have minds of their own. For instance, if a ball is going out of bounds, your player will automatically run to try to save it and there is nothing you can do about it. Another huge annoyance is not being able to switch to the payer you want. 

There might be a defender very close to the ball but you can't switch to him. And finally, the biggest game killer: the goalie. The goalies in FIFA 06 have apparently grown an extra chromosome. Their incompetence is unbelievable. Watching the goalie dive for the ball 2 seconds after it already passed him is sure to leave you paralyzed with rage. And to top that all off there are tons of glitches that do random things like give you a throw-in instead of a corner kick, and give you a goal even though you missed.

There is no better way to describe the graphics other than "Atrocious". Whoever was responsible should be shot. Even on high setting and 1280x1024 resolution, it would be hard to call it a 1st generation ps2 game. The field looks like throw up flattened by steam rollers, the players look blocky and muddy, the shoes are infused with the socks and they are overall blurry. 

If the player has hair, it looks lie they are wearing a plastic cap, and if they are bald, they look like they have 3rd degree burns on their head. All the fans are made out of 20 pixels each and look like cardboard. The graphics are so horrid that I had a hard time telling the players apart. The menus are also blocky, ugly and get choppy when they move. There is nothing good going for FIFA 06 in the graphics department.

Like all EA sports games, FIFA comes with a hip soundtrack from well-known artists. These EA tracks actually do a great job of capturing the spirit of FIFA football and are quite enjoyable to listen to. Apart from the EA tracks, the other audio featured in the game are the crowd cheers and the announcers. 

The crowd has different cheers depending on the size of the crowd and the teams that are playing. The crowd often starts singing team songs, and reacts to the game by booing the other team's success or celebrating the home team's goal. The crowd gets so emotionally involved, that I'm just glad those cardboard cutout guards are protecting my players from the raging cardboard cutout fans. The announcing is done by John Motson, Ally McCoist, Andy Gray, and Clive Tyldsley. 

The only problem with commentators is that they are often lagging on the action. Almost every time the ball goes in, there is a 3 second difference between the goal and the commentators actually realizing it. Also they might say things like "what an excellent cross" when in fact the ball was blocked.

Despite how bad the game is, it is strangely addicting. There are so many clubs to play with, and so many things to unlock, you might find yourself playing the game once in a while. However, if you already have an older version of FIFA Soccer, then you will find the same level of value there too. But if you are new to FIFA, a 30-dollar price tag is the only thing separating you from the one and only FIFA game you will need to buy in the next 5 years.

FIFA 06 turned out to be the same old FIFA in a shiny new box. Unless you never played a FIFA game, there is no reason to pick this up. As long as EA decides to half-ass the franchise, you don't need to bother playing FIFA games.

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