Sunday, April 22, 2012

iPad 2

Same thing, just add a number at the end
Review By Marc Zee
When Steve Jobs presents us with a new device, it seems that the whole world stops to listen or watch. A good number of the people who listen or watch have already made up their minds about buying the device. They made this decision even before they learn about what the product can do. However, there are also those who would rather wait to hear if the device is worth their money. Owing to the most recent reveal, I bet that some of you are already waiting to read up on an iPad 2 review or two.

So what where the things pointed out when the Apple iPad 2 was introduced? That it’s faster, thinner,  more fun, and more powerful? Well, does it deliver? You will be happy to know that yes, the iPad 2 does.

With the new dual-core A5 chipset, the iPad 2 is noticeably faster than the first release. No one appreciates an app that does not load right away or a game that lags in the most crucial points. You will be happy to know that the iPad 2 will not give you those headaches. Noticeable as well is the much sexier design of the iPad 2. Bulk is never cool and you will definitely love the much slimmer build of the iPad 2. And here’s something else that you will read to be a positive thing in any iPad 2 review you read: this Apple tablet is much lighter than the first.

As far as the fun parts go, you have the two cameras, TV-out, iMovie, and the insanely brilliant smart covers. The latter comes in several colors and makes for a more enjoyable time on the iPad 2. I even think that these covers make the tablet look even more beautiful.



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