Sunday, April 22, 2012


Let's take a look on one of the 1st devices that stated all this "keyboard-less laptops" stuff.
Review By Marc Zee
The new iPad has been released but you are probably wondering whether to get the new one or the one they now call the ‘classic’. We hope that our little iPad review here helps you. The iPad that we will refer to here is the original or the iPad Classic.

As a way of introduction, I have to point out that the iPad pretty much set the tone of the tablet game.  Because of the iPad’s sensitive display, sleek design, powerful processor, and good battery life, many people warmed up to the idea of the tablet computer as an essential gadget.

But is it, really? Is the tablet computer something that will make our lives easier in the same manner that mobiles or computers do? If the tablet computer is the iPad, I will have to say yes. Powered with a fast processor and a powerful OS, browsing the world wide web and checking our emails were smooth on this device. Fast internet connectivity via 3G and WiFi really helped.

The screen size and sensitivity also make the iPad a wonderful gaming and multi-media device. Playing heavy games? Not a problem with this tablet. Watching your favourite movies or watching TV? You’ll love them using this tablet as well.

Then I come to the apps. When you read any iPad review, you will meet many happy people who have tried the iPad apps available today. We admit that the apps sure make the iPad a much better tablet compared to the other tablets from other manufacturers today. The apps are pretty much what will make your life much easier.

So is this a good buy compared to the iPad 2? The fact that it is cheaper and that the iPad 2 is not much different from it are your answers.



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