Saturday, April 07, 2012


And you think this game won't make you addicted to it?
Review By Choty
This game is a game for either creative minds, or just about anyone can pick up very easily; a low price for a simplistic yet high quality game with infinitely unbounded depth to it. Even in its beta stage it still fares very well, and it calls for a lot of creativity and fun!

STORY: There is no story for this kind of building game, which is excusable. Nothing else to say here.

GRAPHICS: 2011 revolutionary take on graphics of a game; instead of the epic, crisp, and realistic technicality trend you see mostly in this current generation, Minecraft focuses on pixels, which is innovative and provides the ability to interact with the environment, craft and synthesize tools out of raw materials, and to create structures at your will. This is primarily the focus of the game, and it's excellent to see an old concept brought back onto the spotlight today.

SOUND: The sound is simple, like the game itself. The music is peaceful and harmonious, the sound effects of mobs, walking on grass, breaking blocks, and water are virtually natural. But what I love most about the sounds is the sound effect of the player taking damage (OOH OOH OOH), one of the funniest sounds I have heard in a while. The only problem I have is that the night is too dark and you can not adjust the brightness, but the next update is going to grant us that. 

GAMEPLAY: Minecraft is fun, addicting, relaxing, a game meant for everyone to enjoy the fun. Players may be able to do whatever they want, interact with the world entirely to their will, although griefing is highly looked down upon for obvious reasons. There are an infinite number of things you can do in this game I won't really go much in detail, but examples include building, mining, fishing, hunting, interacting with other players on multiplayer, etc. 

Enjoy the fun! Community-wise it's the same as every game, but minecraft can't really avoid it at all; no game can. Minecraft servers do have a lot of restrictions and rules and whatnot which eases the amount of griefing, although the administrators of servers have a tendency to overly abuse their powers and possibly make your life miserable. Other than that, you can play single player or multiplayer just fine.

REPLAYABLE: It is literally infinite replayability. It's a game you can screw around with when you are bored. New updates make the package better and better. The price you pay for Minecraft is already low, new updates add to the value even more, similar to Team Fortress 2 before it went free. It is well worth it, in my opinion, as with so many others' opinions too. 

OVERALL: I think this game is awesome, it stands out for an excellent reason; all these aforementioned factors really attribute to the almost flaw-less game. 

It is a must-buy, the price is cheap, there is a lot of depth and stuff you can do in this game, whether you want to just hunt mobs or create the ultimate castle, that is your choice. 

There is so much to do in this game, and for being pixelated, it looks fantastic, and the creative structures people design will leave you awe-struck.

SYSTEM: PC, Android, iOS, XBOX 360


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