Wednesday, April 11, 2012

XBOX Classic Controller

Oh my... what big controller you have?
Review By Claud
Here we go, the official Xbox Controller that comes with the Xbox Console. The official Xbox Controller relates very closely to the Dreamcast official controller. Both analog sticks are in the same spot as the Dreamcast controller - the upper left, and lower right. A rather OKAY spot for you ask me. With the D-Pad under the upper left analog stick. Now, the official Xbox controller also features 4 'main' color-coded buttons - A, X, B, and Y. The A button is right over the lower right analog stick. The X button is to the upper left of it. The B button is above the A button, and the Y button is located over the X button. 

Again, almost like the Dreamcast controller, and relates a little like the official PS2 controller. The official Xbox controller also contains a white and black button at the upper right corner. Both trigger buttons are in the button, like the Nintendo 64 controller, with the Start button and Back button right under the main Xbox logo, which is a pretty big logo in fact, as well. In my honest taste, the official Xbox controller is 'perfect' for the average/hardcore gamer. If you were to ask someone else, they may reply with, ''Its too big''. I may understand that, for it is a little too big, but perfect if you have hands which can palm a basketball. If your hands are too small, you may want to get The Xbox S Controller...



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