Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Burnout Revenge

If you never played Burnout before, this is the best place to start.
Review By Heklear.
Burnout Revenge is a port of the 2005 release for the original Xbox. Revenge is an arcade racer built around high octane crashes and well, more crashes! From the moment you load up the game it is clear this is something special. A Hi-Def teaser video plays in the background as a female announcer informs your of Burnouts features and overhaul for HD. The game boasts several game modes and event types including standard race, time trial, traffic attack (in which your goal is to cause damage to civilian vehicles), and even a full blown mode just for crashing vehicles! 

Also included is split screen mode, and full blown online play which keeps track of who wrecked you and who you wrecked, allowing you to hunt down your rivals and seek revenge! The regular race modes and their variations all retain the ability to wreck other racers and even reward you for doing so with trophies and other in game challenges. Modes like the elimination remove the racer in last place every 30 seconds and modes like the road rage reward you for wrecking other racers so the variation of events ensures that the game never get dull or boring.

The highlight of the game, crash mode is an extremely entertaining mini-event in which you crash your vehicle into a busy intersection, hoping for a chain of pileups from the aftermath. It starts with a short cut scene showing you the traffic and the point which will cause the most mayhem, it is up to you to weave through traffic and hit that sweet spot. 

Once you hit the target area (or anywhere else) the traffic starts to smash and crash into each other, quickly turning into a huge pile of metal. If enough vehicles wreck, you can blow up your own vehicle in an effort to damage even more vehicles and cause more wrecks! Pure and honest fun, and definitely a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or early evening.

The graphics of Revenge are top notch and show off the power of next gen systems. From sunlight gleaming off of water and snow to the intricate details of dings and dents on your ride, Revenge has a huge amount of detail. There are a few different locations for races and the tracks stay varied by having you race in reverse, or in sectioned areas so the environments never get stale. The crashes have to be the highlight of the graphics also. 

When a vehicle crashes, shards of glass and debris fly out realistically and often the game even enters slow motion during a wreck so you can see the damage in real time. Amazing. The game supports a recording feature so you can record and upload video clips to your pals. Those amazing jumps through the sunroof over the glistening crystal clear water? Yeah, you can keep those jumps forever with the recording feature and even have your clips rated by random viewers! Overall the graphics impress and the detail in everything is amazing.  

The vehicle and especially crash effects sound amazing and are a staple to the series. The game also boasts a large library of music tracks which span all sorts of genres from Rock to New Wave, so there is something there for everyone.

The vehicles handle really well and as an arcade racing title expect to be able to drift on a dime and pull flawless 180 degree turns while passing 180 MPH. Anyone can pick up the controller and feel right at home with Revenge, and with the ability and incentive to wreck other racers you will have fun doing it! The recording feature is easy to use as well, with different camera angles available and the ability to record clips from anywhere in an events time line.  

With all the modes available and different ranks to earn for all of the events, Burnout Revenge can keep one busy for a very long time. With the online modes and unlock-able rewards and challenges, the fun doesn't end with single player either! Definitely worth a purchase if you enjoy arcade racers, high speeds, and crashes!

SYSTEM: XBOX 360, XBOX, PlayStation 3



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