Thursday, May 03, 2012

Commtiva N700

There are those who love Apple, and those who'll never buy anything that comes from Infinite Loop. However, everyone can agree on one thing about the iPad: As wonderful as it is, it's rather expensive. So that's why there are those cheap for everyone's pocket.
Review By Marc Zee.
The tablet is not a new invention but it wasn’t until only last year that they gained a serious following. Right now, there are a couple of brands that dominate the market. The tablets from these brands are quite pricey, though, so you might want to check out much cheaper alternatives. One example is the Commtiva N700. Now before you go ahead and get a plan with this plan, you will want to read my Commtiva N700 review first.

For its price, I have to say that the Commtiva N700 is rather a nice tablet. It has a 7-inch display that is only a tad bigger than that of the biggest smart mobile. This can be a good thing for most people, of course, since it means that the Commtiva N700 will not take a lot of space in your bag. We have to admit that this device is good-looking and is the perfect weight for mobile computing.

Under the hood, you have the Froyo version of Android and a 600MHz processor. Now this is not the fastest processor or the most powerful Android operating system but it will serve its purpose. You will find that it will be easy going online to browse blogs or check your email. Of course, you can also download Android apps from the Android Market, customising the way your tablet serves you. This comes with both 3G and WiFi (not a norm for cheap devices) so you will not have any problems when it comes to high-speed internet connectivity.

The fact that this affordable tablet does what it’s supposed to do in terms of messaging is already a good thing but when I did this Commtiva N700 review, I was also delighted that it has GPS support, a 3.15MP rear camera and a front-facing camera for video calls.



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