Monday, May 07, 2012

Sega Saturn

Who could hate the Saturn?
Review By Kael
When I unwrapped the package on a cold Christmas morning, I saw the black Saturn in a brand new form. I screamed SEGA SATURN!!!! It came with 3 games. The only system that came with 3 game and they were classics. I wish it was still around. Maybe just one more year.

GRAPHICS: Nights: into dreams is good example of a good graphic game.  It's better than any PlayStation game. Everyone has to admit that Panzer Dragoon Saga the graphics are the best on the Sega Saturn. It look's like a 64-bit game. PlayStation can't do that. If you don't agree with me look at Panzer Dragoon Saga or Night: into dreams.

GAME SELECTION: This is where it get's fun. Sega Saturn has many classics. Some mascots were born in it like Nights. Sonic and Nights are Sega's top mascots. Nights was the only in one system and that was on the Sega Saturn.

Let's list the classics on the Saturn: Virtura Cop 1 and 2, Daytona, Dragoon Force, Nights: into dreams, Panzer Dragoon 1-3, Shining Force 3,Virtura Fighters 1 and 2, Fighters Megamix, World Series Baseball games, Night Warriors, and many others. So there you have it.

CONTROLLERS: Great for fighting games like Street Fighter or X Men. The same amount of buttons as the PlayStation but of course better. It looks like Genesis only twice as more buttons. It relaxing and you get used to it after a while. It's also not in a weird design like Nintendo 64. So I have not much to say for the controllers.

SOUND: Best Music sound on Earth period. It has so many music options that you can listen to your favourite song in slow motion. No other system can do that at all ''not even PlayStation 2''. Now the sound in games are like any other system but I think Sega Saturn was build with a special sound chip in the system. It sound better than a regular sound system and it's cheaper than a hard sound machine. I play my CD's on it.

OVERALL: Way better than PlayStation. PlayStation has to many RPG games. The Sega Saturn has not much RPG games but all of them are good RPG games. The Sega Saturn comes close to beating Nintendo 64.


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