Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sony S1

Could this be the next best thing?
Review By Marc Zee
In general, it is safe to say that tablet computers are devices built for fantastic portable entertainment. In general, tablets will let you enjoy videos, games, and speedy web browsing. Of course, these and more go smoothly only if you have a premium tablet device. One of these is the Sony S1. Interested? Read up on my  quick Sony S1 review first.

Looks-wise, you will know right away that Sony was not taking any chances when they gave me this Android tablet. It is obvious that this is a tablet that was meant for grabbing attention. You will notice right away that the Sony S1 is not built like other tablets. For one, it comes with a wedge shape, with the upper part of the device thicker than the bottom. It does look a bit on the weird side but it makes for easy typing. All in all, I found out from this Sony S1 review that this tablet is amazing to carry and use for full keyboard typing on a flat surface.

When it comes to performance, the amazing Android Honeycomb OS and dual-core processor make for a good team. When it comes to loading apps, playing games, and browsing the web, this tablet will not give you problems. Sure it doesn’t come with 3G but that’s nothing that a mobile WiFi device can’t help you with. Other features of this tablet that performed quite well were the 5MP camera and HD videos, GPS, and the PlayStation games. For sure, portable entertainment is not a problem on this tablet computer.

One of the things I didn’t like will have to be the limited apps. Hopefully, Android Honeycomb will have more apps in the near future.



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