Monday, May 07, 2012

Tactical Ops - Assault on Terror

Sure it's like CS, but I have my reasons for preferring it.
Review By... ME ( man I haven't wrote in quite some time, have I? )

Ok folks, I'll admit one thing for sure. This is a flat out Counter Strike clone. But hey, you know it's bound to happen now and then, when one game does something original and other games follow suite. But you know what I think? This is much better than Counter Strike, and it's not just the game play either. Come with me, and let me explain.

GRAPHICS: Pretty good stuff here. The guns look awesome, and have incredible detail to them, along with the hands that hold them up. That Raging cobra looks especially nice. The animations that go with everything are VERY nice. I especially like the reloading animations for the guns reloading. Nice touch! The polygonal men and women also look rather nice, with individual detailing for each skin and model, so nothing look will look like mere variations of a same skin. 

Speaking of which, do women actually serve in such a job? I haven't checked so if they do, someone please tell me. Mind you though, it's actually kind of cool. I mean, how fun is it to stare at a woman's jogging butt moments before finally facing the opposing force! Ha. I kid. I'm not that silly. Anyhow, the worlds you fight your opposing force in are very nice and variable. You'll face on if places ranging from subways and cities, to desert towns in the Middle East, with a china town along the way! And they have a believable feel to them, rather than a slapped together death match arena sprinkled with real life elements. Nice touch!

SOUND: Again, the portrayal is superbly on par! Outdoor areas like deserts and training camps are filled with howling winds. Factories and water works stations are filled with their right atmosphere sounds. When you and your teammates communicate, it actually sounds like they're using some sort of radio device to do it. Nice touch. They also have some nice dying sounds - gee, how satisfying, hehe. The gun sounds are great too. 

They sound as real as a game these days can make them, and when you hear gunfire going off in the distance, it sounds real war-like, hearing it amongst people crying out in death. And what do we have here? Music you say? Yes, apparently the people who made this game wanted to be thoughtful and include the option of listening to some combat music while fighting for our lives! It's pretty generic stuff, but it works. It's not like you HAVE to listen to it either, you know?

GAMEPLAY:  Now if you play Counter Strike, most of this will be familiar to you. But for those who aren't I'm happy to explain. You start off in round one, gathered with your teammates in the designated terrorist or Tactical ops team zone. You choose which team to play as, along with what skin, and then you are presented a weapons and gadgets buying menu. 

You use the designated starting money set by you or the server you play on to buy things like pistols, shotguns, rifles, the works. The nice thing about this game is that yeah, you're actually allowed to set how much starting money you have for the first round. Imagine spending that first one, loaded with all the body armor and the biggest machinegun, pelting all the opposing forces left and right to death while mocking them. It's great! 

Ok, so now that we're out in the battlefield, now what? Well each map has an objective you must complete, like one in the Middle East where you must proceed to your pumping well and draw water from the pumping station before the enemy does. Well, you can just go blow the enemy away if you want. The objectives are just there to spice up variety. Of course, there are also the classic hostage rescue and demolition maps too. 

I think we all know how THEY work. So there you are with your buddies. So what happens when you cross paths is this. You exchange gunfire with them and hope to win, simply because if you die, you're out for the rest of the round. If you don't like multiplayer games that do that, this game won't work for you either. Fortunately you won't need to worry so much about that compared to Counter Strike, because in Tactical Ops, if you get shot at, you can still move out of the way and flee if you need to. (As opposed to CS where getting shot gets you stuck and well… killed.)

You know what else I like about Tac-Ops? That buying menu. The interface is just so much easier to deal with. You have the pistols to the left, shotguns and sub-machine guns in the middle, rifles on the right, and body armor and grenades on the far right, with weapons to pick from sitting underneath the categories. Plus, they made it mouse friendly, so all you have to do is click the weapon for each category and it's yours. 

And if you already have a gun in that department? It swaps! And hey, if you don't want that pistol so you can save your money, or you no longer want a sub-machinegun, just click it and you get your money back. Then you just click the ammo option underneath the categories to stock up your ammo. It's that easy. See? A nice simple and thoughtful interface. Why couldn't CS be like that!

Now playing with the bots is a decent experience, sure. But how does playing this online fare? You'll be glad to know that this bloodite went out of his way to research this first hand. The results? It's like any other game really. You just hop on a server and start blasting away at the enemy. When I played, I noticed no cheating, no one laughed at me for being killed or called me a noob and good times were to be had. How often do you see THAT at, oh I don't know, CS? Yeah, there you go.



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  1. good ol T. ops... those were the days...