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The phrase 'Death From Above' has never been more true.
Review By Kael.

Warhawk. Where the phrase 'Death From Above' has never been truer. The remake of the classic PS1 title, Warhawk encompasses a different path from the original. First planned as a single-player game with some multiplayer, the single-player was scrapped in favor of the multiplayer. Because of this, the multiplayer is nearly perfect in all aspects. It is incredibly balanced, not one side being better than the others. The customization is top notch; from colors to wardrobes. Even the Warhawks are customizable, with different decals and insignias. The online battles boast up to 32 people in one match.It features 25 maps (In retrospect, they're chunks of 5 maps). Warhawk is the definitive online-experience for the consoles.

GRAPHICS: Warhawk has amazing graphics. You could see all the way to the other side of the map. The Warhawk designs and character designs look great for the games scope. There is little to none framerate drop in combat, even if all thirty-two players are fighting in the same area. The effects, are great to watch. One of my favorite weapons has an amazing lightning affect when shot-it's fun to watch the enemies fry. Even when your Warhawk blows up, it's great to see the pieces scatter to the ground. A minor gripe, though, is that the textures are a bit bland. Considering the scope of every level, though, this is not surprising. It still manages to look great. The environment (From clouds to the trees) are lush. When there's a dogfight in the air, it's a feast for the eyes. The Warhawks look amazing against the sky; what's more is that the game could carry a full war against just warhawks and they' all look great, whilst killing each other. Which brings me to my next point.

GAMEPLAY: This is where the game truly shines. In Warhawk, everything is fair. There are no cheap-shots. Everything could fight anything; everything could be destroyed by anything(Except maybe the knife...ain't that grand? Knifing a tank, hehe). All sides are equally balanced. The vehicles, the Warhawks, the humans, the turrets. There is no one weapon that beats everything else. This creates games that will never be unfair, just because one side has this weapon or that. The game boasts 4 different game types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, and Zones. The first three are self-explanatory, while Zone is very different. In Zones, you capture areas, which in turn serve as respawn points while also providing vehicles and weapons. The longer you hold an area, the more points you score. THe weapons are varied, from Flamethrowers to AA turrets to the TOW missile. 

The AS-3 TOW Missile is a personal favorite of mine. You could only fire it when you're in a Warhawk, and then when it's in Hover mode. You manually control the missile to its destination, and then Ka-boom. The con of this weapon is that you're extremely vulnerable while using it; another check of the balance in the game. The on-ground controls are kinda sluggish, but nothing that detracts from the game. The vehicles also have weapons, the Jeep, a machine gun. The tank, a turret. Warhawk boasts 25 maps, which in turn are derived from 5 huge maps. Every map is varied; from islands to deserts, the variation is great. Of course, there will never be a moment where an area is silent.

SOUND: When in the battlefield, it sounds like one. From the machine gun to the Rocket Launcher. When you're in a Warhawk, it's amazing when hearing the engines an taking off for the first time. It gives you a sense of power. When rocketing through the sky and hearing the blasts from below, it feels amazing just to roar down and bomb the enemies. The satisfactory explosions when the enemy is hit is very pleasing to the ears. When hearing a tank explode, you just want to giggle with joy. When flying on a Warhawk, shooting on the ground, it sounds like a movie. The music is fitting for the game, I especially enjoy the main menu music. It sets the moods for the game. Of course, the music is just a part of the fun. 

REPLAYABLE: When you make a multiplayer game, you want it have alot of replay value. Warhawk has plenty of replay value. When you start, you only have a few customization options for your character. As you keep playing in ranked matches, you gain ranks. More ranks give you access to more customization options. Even when you finish an online match, it makes you itch for more. There is a variety of ways to play the game. No two matches will ever be the same. 

Death From Above. Warhawk has everything a war game needs. Jets, Vehicles, meat bags(AKA soldiers). There are a ton of things to do in the game. Warhawk is an enjoyable game for everyone, anyone who has a sweet-tooth for vioence. if your style is to snipe, snipe; to fly, fly; to drive, drive. warhawk has something for everything. If you are a fan of Socom, or even Ace Combat, you will enjoy Warhawk. Warhawk is available in two iterations; a retail version and an online version. The retail version costs $60, and includes some trailers and a headset not featured in the online version. The PSN version only costs $40, but you don't need the disk to play it(Which some may find as as a plus). Other than the headset and trailers, the games are exactly the same. The game is worth every penny, and I personally do not regret buying it. I hope you to will enjoy it as much as I do.

SYSTEM: PlayStation 3



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