Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amped 3

Snowboarding, But Without The Pain.
Review By PIZX3

2k Games bring a great sports game running on the havoc engine. If you're not familiar with the havoc engine, some other titles that might familiarize you is Condemned: Criminal Origins, Halo 2, Nba Live 06, Perfect Dark Zero, and Max Payne 2, etc...

GAMEPLAY: The game does surprisingly have great physics on a fun level of course. Because I'm not going to be able to survive a 40 foot drop with my snowboard onto rocks. The mountains that you play on are fairly huge and there's no waiting for the ride back up to the mountain, it just quickly loads you back up to the top whenever you want. In the start of the game, you start on a mountain called Northstar that has several different areas to explore. As the game continues, it seemed like the developers got lazy because the other mountains really don't have any exploring to because it's just one place to snowboard. Amped 3 does provide long hours for gameplay. If you are familiar with the other 2, think about spending 20+ hours on this game as far as completing the game to 100%. Although the storyline is pretty ridiculous, it is also very meticulously random. Often at times, you really don't know what the heck is going on.

CONTROLS: It's kind of like Tony Hawk. You got A as Jump, left analog to move, X, A, Y for tricks. The right and left button serve as advanced tricks, etc... One thing that I found complete useless was the right analog stick, it has a camera that can look left right up down from a third person perspective, but it's useless!

SOUND: The sound in game is pretty much bland unless you're listening to music. Even the music is pretty boring. Majority of the music is rock, alternative but also adding some weird techno like music every once in awhile. In game sounds are just really repetitive.

OVERALL: Amped 3 provides a fun experience for fantasy snowboarding. They added a fun but pointless feature of being able ot throw snowballs at other AI but it's complete pointless. Camera angles at times are incredibly annoying because at times you just don't know where you are going and using the right stick to use the in game camera is just annoying. The game can be very frustrating at times, it's definitely not a game for kids because it's a very complicated game as far as getting points. Amped 3 does have online leaderboards but it does not offer any type of multi-player online. The 2 player is pretty vague in detail, you won't really understand how it works until you play the game. There is no 2 player split screen where you can verse a friend, rather, they just provided a type of game where you battle to see who can get the most pain points.

This game is fun, I would say some pretty easy gamer achievement points if that's what you're looking for as a gamer. But after you beat the game, it won't really bring any type of replay value. If you have about 20 hours of free time in a span of two weeks, I highly advise you to just rent this game and play the hell out of it. It is no where near worth the $60. This game is not something you probably want to show you're friend, because of the simplistic content dedicated only for 1 player. 




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