Monday, June 04, 2012

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3: The end of an amazing journey.
Review By Roel
Mass Effect 3 is the conclusion to a trilogy where you play the ever charming Shepard as you cobble together a ragtag alliance to take back Earth before a sinister race kills and scavenge Earth and the rest of the know Universe for its own purposes.

Gameplay is superb and is one of the best thought out games period. Controls are easy and concise, on screen arrows allow you to dictate where you want to place Shepard during every World War I style combat as as you go from corner to barrier to pick off one of the best developed AI systems created for a game. The AI acts nearly human in deciding how it attacks, especially in the more challenging levels as it tries to flush you out at every turn. There are a lot of places where one-kill can happen for you, and I did find that because of the ramped up difficulty of even the normal level, there will be many levels that will take several attempts to complete that section.

Eyecandy is top-rate as humans look very realistic, but not to the point of having an uncanny valley situation. You may find many moments you want to pause and look at many of the disturbingly attractive female characters as there are a lot of camera angles during cut scenes that exploit their best features out. I did fine that your dialog choices you have in game could have been better worded and sometimes do not really indicate what a Paragon or a Rebellious leaning Shepard might say.

The biggest disappointment I have in Mass Effect 3 is the plot itself. You are going to find that the game ties half the game up in cut scenes and other movie-like moments, and for a movie I had a lot of problems with it. I found that there were a lot of gaping holes in many of the plots and that they didn't tie up completely to my satisfaction. I also had a big problem with the climatic scene and resolution of the plot. 

Let's just say, you are going to face a final decision, and that the result of that decision, plus all of the other decisions you made through the Mass Effect trilogy do not seem to matter in the end. Even if that were the intention of Mass Effect's writers, I would have liked to seen more effort put into differentiating the various solutions after the main decision. That letdown was enough to notch it down from Great to Good because of the dependence of the story towards your enjoyment of the game. You want some satisfaction coming from defeating the game, and Mass Effect 3 does not give it to you, and that is not acceptable.

Mutliplayer is also an area of disappointment. Multiplayer mode involves players taking control of other players that plays out the resistances efforts against the "Reavers" attacks on Earth while Shepard is elsewhere. AI seems to be less functional, and I found that there were some lag issues if you try to play it online on repeated efforts. And I do wish you had more than eight levels in the multiplayer mode, or be able to play the main game in multiplayer mode. I suspect that maybe a DLC option in the future.

In conclusion, Mass Effect 3 is a good game despite the gaping problems I had in the story and how well it allows teams of players to play that game. It is good enough to own it, but its not going to leave you feel like you really accomplished something in the end.

SYSTEM: PC, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360



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