Friday, June 22, 2012

Star Wars - Battlefront 2

Don't listen to the other bad reviews, BF2 is a Force to be reckoned with.
Review By Kael

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a great game to put your money into because it features so many different units that you can use and some heroes that you will need to use to beat several foes(unless you are really skilled). This game will take you to many different places because it is all based around space and different planets.

GRAPHICS: Although some places and spots might look like crap, there are very diverse planets and landscapes because you have over 20 planets to visit! Each planet is different, some being swamplands, some being deserts, some having snow, but all having life on them. They are all so very beautiful and the background just adds more to it. The scenery in most levels(because some don't have it) are very excellent because the trees aren't just things you pass by or walk through, they are actually obstacles and blockades where the bullets fly at and get stuck in. The lasers are all visible and fly by fast, so they are almost exactly like the movies. They just rush by your face and then you can tell where it is coming from, unlike some games where the bullets just come and you can't see. You can also see many planets from the space battles and the stars just sparkle in your eyes. The main idea about the graphics is that it is a beauty, but some places have bad shading.

SOUND: The sound in this game is spectacular because it just comes at you from the start. The sound effects are great because you can hear the lasers flying and the rockets bursting. You also hear the ships fly by really fast and make a whirring airy sound. The explosion of grenades in the morning is just spectacularly awesome because it shows how advanced the game is, giving every last sound that it can. The radio transmissions are also great in this game because the characters just talk to you and then the leaders just tell you something out of nowhere. One example would be if you are in a space battle and you shot down the enemy frigate, a radio transmission would say that "The enemy's frigate has been destroyed." This kicks the sound department even further up the tree, but the music drops it down a notch, because everything is overlapping it that you can't hear anything thats going on. The light sabers also add to the sounds because you can hear that familiar sound from the movies. The sound is high-tech, so an 8/10 from me is just right.

STORY: The story in this game is just nowhere near a good story. It doesn't even make sense to me. First you start off on this planet and you have to destroy this generator to make this not functional. Then after you complete that level, you move on to another planet where there are bugs everywhere hoping to kill you. Next thing you know, the big dinosaur shoots a beam at you and you die. Then you end up on a snowy level where there are big robots shooting missiles and lasers at you until you run away. After that, you might have to do a space battle where you get out of the docking bay and you die right away! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE STORY?!! The story impacts the game tremendously because it drops it down in the rankings VERY FAR, and to top it all off, the main game lasts about 15 levels! Each level is probably 10 minutes long if you suck, so you might take 3 minutes to complete it if you are good. The storyline is dreadful.

GAMEPLAY: The game play in this game is awesome. Everything about it is great. The running around isn't even boring! You run to this place, throw a grenade to flush the enemy, and then rush in with your friends and slay the remainders. You can even get on-line and kill them too! Just pick the sniper class and pick off the enemies, or select the engineer and blast a rocket at the tank! AWESOME!

OVERALL: This game is crazy in every way! Just buy it and see for yourself! The sound, game play, and graphics are outstanding! Just stay away from the main storyline, it just kills the game. Anyways, just buy it and knock yourself out!

SYSTEM: PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, XBOX



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