Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tron - Maze-a-Tron

Tron: Maze-A-Tron is hard to figure out. It is boring, frustrating, and pointless. The theme is based on the movie Tron by Disney, and where the movie was interesting, this game is not.
Review By Philip Feidamion

Your controls primarily consist of running around and using a force field. In the maze the screen is always moving, scrolling either right or left. There are boxes on the screen that allow you to change the scrolling direction. Running through the maze is awful, and if the screen catches up to you you're dead. If a Recognizer, a large red upside down U-shaped robot, touches you you're dead. Dying occurs quite frequently and sends you back to the start of the maze. Since the screen is always moving you have no time to backtrack when you run into a dead end, and there are lots of dead ends. Recognizers are fast too and will get you easily.

The only way you can avoid dead ends is if you memorize the whole maze. I would consider that quite a feat since the whole thing looks the same. Even if you do manage to stay alive the game just is not fun. Run around resetting the numbers on RAM chips -- how exciting. If you survive the maze you go to the Master Control Program. Now the excitement should really pick up. Well not exactly. Shoot at some numbers to get matching bit pairs. You defeat the Master Control Program, yay! Now you get to go back to the maze to repeat the whole thing over again, nooooo! This time everything is harder.

Graphics and sound are actually very good but they can't save this game. If you have seen Tron then the Recognizers will look familiar, but that is really the only thing taken from the movie. The maze does sort of look like the inside of a computer though. Sounds represent electronic shocks and buzzing noises.

Tron - Maze-A-Tron is a terrible game. If it at least had an end to it then you could have something to shoot for. Nobody wants to repeat the maze over and over again. For those who really enjoyed the movie then you will want to play Tron: Deadly Discs instead. The disc game is a lot of fun and contains great action just like the disc throwing scenes in the movie.

SYSTEM: Intellivision



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