Saturday, August 18, 2012

Break Time Almost Over! New Game Starts 1st September.

I'm back! After a long summer break, GCES will continue to post reviews soon!
It's been a long summer, and it was great too!
Starting September 1st, new posts will be released.
And for those who hate to wait so long, here is a little something for you to try it out!

On this link, you can download The Official GCES Android App for your mobile or tablet devices! The creator of this app it the Author of The World Jungle. Visit it sometimes, it has some cool stuff there, and free cookies :p !
Well then, see ya all in September! That's all, for now!



  1. Can you at least tell us what the posts will be?
    Will it be new games? retro games? consoles? accessories?

    P.S. The app rocks on my Samsung galaxy s3 & s2!
    Great job Milan for making it so good !

  2. well, 1st of it'll start with a combination of old and new games.
    consoles & accessories will follow later on!