Monday, September 24, 2012


A superb game, but not without its flaws.
Review By Chris Leonaides

As the title declares, this is not a game for those seeking a new Call Of Duty. This game follows closely in the footsteps of such games as Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. That being said, this game is very well executed and has its very own unique style of gameplay.

STORY: Well, if you want something deep and riveting that will last hours then just stop right there. The story here consists of about 8 main missions on each faction, and each gets two bonus "what if" missions as well. So after about 20 missions total (which will probably only take you 8 or so hours if you play on Normal and catch on quick) then you are done with the story. Neither side really makes you learn to love or hate them, so it is all really just about what you want to play first. It is your typical cops vs. robbers story but with some big consequences thrown in the mix. That is not to say that the cinematic sequences were not enjoyable as are the missions themselves. 

GAMEPLAY: This game handles VERY differently from most shooters. Due to the SMART system that is implemented in this game, allowing your character to perform various parkour moves to dodge gunfire or access different parts of the map faster, the handling of the game takes a bit of getting used to. After a reading the button guide and a few hours of practice you are bound to get the hang of it. Playing the campaign is a great way to get some practice in as are the challenges. Firing in Brink doesnt take too much accuracy. 

The guns for the most part have a moderate accuracy even from a distance and very few guns have an unstable recoil. This allows for a lot of hip firing and your typical "spray and pray" feeling. I typically am a very accurate shooter myself but after a few hours in Brink, I found myself just slapping an ammo drum clip into my SMGs and just mowing everything down. At least it works. The parkour tricks take a little getting used to at first but its not rocket science. 

Each of the 4 classes (Medic, Soldier, Engineer and Operative) have their own gameplay styles, as each performs different tasks. You will want to become familiar with each as the AI in the game tends to leave all major objectives in your hands. This can prove frustrating on harder difficulties and during the challenges.

SOUND: Does anyone still care about a games music? Well, if you do you wont be too disappointed. The game features a small handful of scores that are pleasant to the ears but nothing that will stick in your head. The voice acting is simply amazing in this game. The guns don't sound superb but they at least give you the feeling you are firing. 

GRAPHICS: If anyone has seen even a glimps at any of the videos for this game, than they will know the game has good graphics. This is no Uncharted 2, but the details in this game a marvelous. The customization is very well done and takes nothing away from the game, nor does it add any more loading times or lag. There is the occasional texture loading which leaves a blur in its wake momentarily but nothing that lasts more than a brief second. The characters, weapons and locations all look very good and really help you bury yourself in The Ark.

REPLAYABLE: You can have plenty of extra characters (16 character slots if I am not mistaken) allowing for tons of hours poured into just customization alone. Also, the fact that there is plenty to unlock and the online gameplay will keep everyone busy. At the time of writing this the PSN is down, but once it is back up everyone will enjoy playing this quality title online. Hours can be spent even offline in freeplay which is the same thing as online but with bots. A lot like Killzone 3's Bot Zone. 

OVERALL: The game would have scored just a bit higher if not for the very short campaign and lack of missions. That is not to say that there wont be any future DLC, but this will suffice for now.

SYSTEM: PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3



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