Saturday, September 08, 2012

Dragon Age II

Good game, terrible sequel
Review By Chris Leonaides

Dragon Age II Offers a good storyline with multi paths depending on ones choices. I took a mage from start to finish and wished there was more to do ending her at level 23. 

Character Creation was good but, it lost a little flavor of not being able to actually made an elf or dwarf. Why did Bioware only allow human? It would have been much better to allow us to play the other races like in Dragon Age. I missed that feature the most. The leveling up would have been a nag if I had not gotten used to that type of set up in other RPGS. I do however love the fact that we can upgrade abilities rather than have a bunch of useless paths to choose from. For my mage I chose Elemental which I selected all, the Healing from Creation and elemental weapons from the arcane. 

Her specializations were Force and Sprite Healer. With Force I took about half of it and healer side 3/4. It turned out to be a good choice for she could heal the party and still blast away at monsters and enemies. The allies I used most were Anders, Avline,and the Dwarf. Her Romance was with Anders and it played out with me sparing his life and standing by him. I however used all the allies in the story at certain points but those three the most.

Love the way the remade the abilities giving them upgrades and passive. Good amount of Allies to choose from, and a story that kept me going from the time I put in my computer till the time I ended it. It took me 5 days. It left me wanting more adventures to take her on and left me wanting to try out the rogue, warrior and bring over a character I finished up in the Dragon Age. Black Emporium had potions that allowed respects which is very helpful since your first set of abilities are already chosen for you and helped me flesh out the allies the way I wanted.

Not being able to change out outfits for allies, no good sexy outfits for females yet, the npcs had them. As a female player that irks me to no end as well as no long hair. I have the Signature edition and wish the dragon armor set would have been made to be used with no matter what class you choose. They could have done a Mage and Rogues version of it. It made the nice items a let down unless you were a warrior which I do not typically play. Not enough money as in you do not earn enough to get some of the nicer items in the game that are in the Black Emporium and other higher end stores. 

Some of the best stuff was over 140 gold and the regents for the potions and esp the runes were off the chart in price so you had to choose from good items or upgrades such as runes plus some of the items you needed at lower levels you did not find till after you already had items much higher than those. The other thing is I never found all the upgrades for my allies armor. I am surprised they let us change the weapons , belts, rings , and amulets. Romance could have been so much better and I did not like not having the option to do more with Anders when we were in the house. At least in DA I you could be romantic, kiss and have sex while in camp.

I was not so happy to find out that in order to get some of the special items I had to actually buy a game just to get an unlock key. I do not want that game so I will miss out having all the special items that is really unfair to the fans of this game. Whats the deal with having to do a DA App on Facebook just to unlock 4 items in the game? The app is pointless and takes to much time to get anywhere I have only been able to unlock 2 of the items thus far. Not being able to actually play an elf or dwarf and have story lines based on that like in DA I. Would have like to keep her sibling rather than losing them. Whats the point of bring them in just to have them leave?

Overall, a very enjoyable game that I will replay and wait for more addons or expansions.

SYSTEM: PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X



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