Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fable II

Fable II - Great game, annoying aspects.
Review By Klear Aquanas

Four years ago, Lionhead Studio gave us a game known as Fable. It was filled with empty promises that the director, Peter Molyneaux, made, but even still provided an exceptionally amazing action RPG. Some even say it was the best RPG on the Xbox (I sure did). Even with what it lacked, the game provided the player with countless possibilities as their Hero wandered through Albion, creating his own story, with every choice having its own consequence. Four years later, after long wait, Lionhead Studios has provided us with the sequel to the amazing Fable, and what a sequel it is.

What Fable II provides is a game where you control how the story flows. With every choice your character changes his/her appearance, aura, how others see him/her. That is what makes Fable, Fable. Each choice made affects everything, and the freedom of this game is unbelievable vast. You can do anything from begging people for money to having sex with strangers, male or female, with or without a condom. There is very little that cannot be done in this game. What Fable did to this freedom four years ago, Fable II has nearly perfected in most every way.

The story for Fable II is nothing great and amazing, sure, but it still has its own charm. The story starts as you and your sister, Rose, search the town in search of five gold coins to buy a music box. This music box is said to grant anyone person's wish, and when your sister obtains it, it seems her wish comes true. The rich noble of the town, Lucien, has asked you and your sister to come to his mansion. Afterward the wish does not turn out as your sister had hoped, and ten years pass, which is when the adventure really begins. The charm is how the story changes depending on your decisions made and it is possible to never have the story go the same way twice.

The music of the game is incredibly well done with plenty of old and new tracks that play very well in each given scenario. The voice acting definitely improved though, dramatically. Though plenty of AI will be spitting off the same corny lines from time to time like the first Fable, it is far less often than before. On top of that, the voice actors are definitely much better than the first game that when corny dialogue is used, it doesn't seem that bad. When story line characters speak, the voice acting is brilliant with a well written script.

The graphics in this game are beautiful. The environments are incredibly colorful with incredible lighting. The character models may not look "realistic" but have their own lives with the endless number animations. Then there is the protagonist, which has so much customization, it's difficult to know where to begin. Everything that is done affects his or her appearance. Getting hit and defeated in battle can leave battle scars that seem unattractive to others, working on certain exp can make you taller, more muscular or more mystic looking, eating can make you fat, and how you act (good, evil, greedy, selfless, pure, currupt) also plays into your overall looks. Top all of this with dozens of customizable outfits, haircuts, etc. and there is endless customization. More so than anything else, it will be impossible to have the same looking character no matter how many times you play replay the game.

This is what Fable II is all about, as it is what makes the game amazing. Everything about the gameplay is done so amazingly well. The combat is very simplistic, yet offers enough customization to not be overly easy or boring. (X) attacks with your melee weapon, (Y) shoots your ranged weapon, and (B) charges up and eventually casts your magic spell. It's simple, but fun. A definite plus is that magic is no longer overly powerful and instead is perfectly balances with melee and ranged fighting. As you fight, you gain exp to spend on level ups in four categories depending on how you fought, as well as general exp, which can be spend on any category. There are also minigames to earn gold which are fun and addictive, endless sidequests (almost as endless as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, almost), and so much else to do outside of fighting, this game may easily be keeping you busy for 100 hours in one play through. Then there is the co-op mode (which can be done via two profiles on the same console or online) which adds even more to the fun as a friend helps you along the way on your quest and reaps the benefits for his or her character for their game. The gameplay is as perfect as an action RPG can get.

Fable II has fulfilled it's promises left by Molyneaux and more. It is so addictive,with so much to do that it makes me proud to own an Xbox 360. It is more than just the some of its parts as it easily becomes the greatest game currently on the 360. If you love RPGs, free roaming games, or just something incredibly unique, try this game, you will love it.




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