Sunday, September 02, 2012

Guild Wars

Enter the world of Guild Wars, a competitive online role-playing game that rewards player skill.
Review By Philip Feidamion
Guild Wars is a Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG. It is one of the few that you don't have to pay each month for, which is very convenient as it is one of the greatest games of all time. You basically choose a class, which I will tell you about later, then go through the game going against various races of enemies such as the Charr, the Stone-Summit, and others.

GRAPHICS: These are some of the greatest graphics I have ever seen! The cut-scenes and even the game play graphics always look great. In fact they are done so well that I had to turn the graphical quality down to get rid of some minor lag. You can see every individual blade of grass, which seems unnecessary but who cares! When you walk in the water it ripples perfectly which is beautiful! The weapons, armor, and shields have extraordinary detail. Such detail I never thought possible in a third person view game, especially on an online game where they must have a limited server. Arena Net outdid themselves on this one.

SOUND: Wow, just wow. The music at the log on screen is even awesome! Then there is the music through the rest of the game which is awesome. The mood of the music changes depending on the area you are in. Sometimes you are unable to hear it though because of the great sounds you hear in the middle of a battle. The sound of two weapons clanging together, the sound of hitting a shield sound as they should sound. The sound when you cast a spell sounds just as it should. When you walk through water it even makes a different sound! Arena Net you have once again out done yourself.

GAMEPLAY: Here is the best part of the game. You get to choose between six classes including the warrior, mesmer, elementalist, ranger, necromancer, and monk. There will soon be two new classes in the new version of the game that is being released soon. Those classes will include the originals and the all new Assassin and Ritualist.

The Warrior is what you expect, he uses melee weapons and shields. But his skills are different depending on if you are using an axe, sword, or hammer. Most people seem to prefer the axe when using a warrior and I agree with this.

The Mesmer is a master of illusion and trickery. You can slow done your opponents, greatly deprive them of health and at the same time recover mana, or give them a great amount of health degeneration, a very deadly class indeed.

The Elementalist is a master of the elements obviously. You can attack with either air (lightning), water, earth, or fire attacks. The elementalist is the class that can do the most damage with a single hit. You can use the power of earth to defend you or attack with, or use lightning to disable and damage your opponent. Use fire to greatly damage your opponent and use water to slow down or damage your opponent. It is greatly recommended to focus on one element so you can spend more attribute points (explained later) on that element.

The Ranger is one of the most complex classes in this game. You get pets, poison, traps, and all of that wonderful stuff. The ranger may get a pet, so it can attack the monster while you sit there and range it. Then you can also use traps and lure a monster toward them to do great damage and give the enemy some disabilities. Then you can use poison so it takes damage over time. The ranger is a wonderful class and can be very tricky to kill.

The Necromancer is a very powerful class when used right. With this class you can summon minions from dead enemies to help you fight, which will stay alive for a limited time only which is why it is a good idea to combine this class with the monk class. You can poison enemies and use other methods to give your opponent life de-generation. You can also sacrifice your own health temporarily to give yourself faster energy or health re-generation. The necromancer is a very dark and deadly class.

The Monk can be used in four ways, but I will only discuss three as the fourth is more advanced. The three ways are protection, healing, or smiting monk. All of them are great; it just depends on what you need. You can combine these for awhile but once you get deep into the game, it would be wise to focus on one and that will make the type you chose stronger then if you split even.

At the beginning of the game you choose your primary class which has one special attribute that you can not get if you have that class as a secondary. Then shortly in the game you will choose your secondary class, combine your classes strategically like a warrior monk is great. About the attributes now, each class has certain attributes in which you use attribute points to raise. The max amount of attribute points is 200, 30 of which are bonus from quests. Then you can raise an attribute even higher with runes. The runes come in the levels of minor, major, and superior. The minor increases the stat by 1, the major by 2 but subtracts 50 health points.

The superior adds 3 but subtracts 75 health points. This comes with the exception of the Vigor series of runes. These add health with minor adding about 30, major about 42, and the superior adds 50 health points. You may only use one rune per stat with the exception of the vigor and absorption runes, as these aren't really attributes. A superior rune and all 200 points unlocked allows 16 as a max in an attribute with points left over for other attributes. There is still so much more to talk about, I don't know if I can do it all.

There are two modes of play PvE, and PvP. PvE is basically story mode, and you can still use your character in PvP arenas. However, if you make a PvP character it starts off at the max level 20, and can only PvP. Both modes are fun and PvP is great for when you get bored of PvE. You can also join or make guilds, thus the name guild wars, and guilds can compete amongst each other. Every guild has their own emblem, or cape each emblem is different from another guilds and it can have great detail, or be simple.

OVERALL: This is a great game and it is very difficult to write everything about it. You should indefinitely buy it. In fact, why are you still reading this!? Go buy it now!!!!! It's not like you have to pay each month. It is just one payment and you are good to go. You get 4 characters to play with and there is so much to do. If your computer doesn't meet the system requirements for the game then it is a good reason to upgrade your computer. There is no reason not to buy this unless you hate RPGs. Even then I think you would like it. There is just so much to do! 




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