Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mass Effect 2

A really nice RPG... Really nice...
Review By Ken Inferno

STORY: The story continues the Mass Effect 1's story. If you import you character, your decisions can effect some aspects of the story. The story is now much darker and personal. You now work for a human organization terrorist group called Cerberus, if you've played the first game you may know the name. There are many surprised that I wont spoil. The dialogue system is now better and your choices really affect the game and also mass effect 3. It starts with an unexpected and shocking scene. I liked the story very much.

GRAPHICS: It's really beautiful. Overall quality has been greatly improved and optimized. It'll run well on systems that can run Mass Effect 1. Anti-Aliasing however is a little disappointing, texture quality and number of polygons are improved too. There are some graphical glitches that may occur often, but they fix it in the patch. This is the most cinematic game I ever played, the atmosphere is dark and special.

GAMEPLAY: The action part of game is improved at the cost of RPG part of game! The game is now much like a Third Person Shooter and you can play it like that, the RPG part of gameplay is now very limited and this is the only major flaw of the game that may not be too important for Third Person Shooter players. Also the Inventory system and Vehicle driving is completely removed too! Instead there is a mining mini-game. You can mine resources and use them to buy upgrades. Unfortunately, shotgun is a but weak and underpowered in this game. Personally, I'm a RPG hardcore fan, but I liked this game too not because it was a good RPG but because its great dialogue wheel and the fact that your choices does actually affect the game. 

SOUND: The sound effect of weapons are good like the first game and the ambient sounds are good too. This one of few game that I REALLY like its music. The music is great, especially the Lover Afterlife music in Omega city. I love that music. The combat music can really give you the feeling of combat. Many special scenes have their own music. I don't pay attention much to game musics but this game's music is far more better to be ignored.

OVERALL: It's a good RPG and excellent shooter, though RPG fans may not like it. It's definitly worth your money. All RPG fans and all TPS fans, go buy the game ASAP.

SYSTEM: PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, PC



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